Project: Cooperation and Interaction of the Russian and International investors/companies

The Independent Partners Alliance offers the Russian and international companies and investors the cooperation and interaction in the following lines of activities:

  • Search of the Russian investors and companies ready to participate in the creation and implementation of business projects in the territory of the Republic of Austria.
  • Assistance to the international investors in the acquisition and/or structuring of the undervalued assets available in the Russian Federation.

We are ready to propose the following order of interaction and cooperation:

Cooperation with Austrian construction companies The Alliance is ready to assist in the investments attraction from the Russian investors. We wish to draw your attention to a number of significant factors which will be critical for the taking of positive decisions by our Partners:

  1. Currently, the certain rules and algorithms have been developed, the observation of which makes it possible to reduce, optimize and manage the risks. In the first instance, these are as follows:
    • Proposals to the Investor must be precisely formulated: what exactly (which particular resources) is required by the Client and on what terms:
      • Investments (amount, period, cost, and for which share of ownership);
      • Production partnership (terms and conditions);
      • Buyers of the products, licenses, technologies and business (prices and amounts);
    • Integral projects and business opportunities development, including:
      • Investment idea assessment;
      • Financial and legal analysis;
      • Technological expert examinations;
      • Detailed development and preparation of the scenario and investment proposals, project structures, and agreeing the mechanisms of entering the Projects and exit therefrom.
  2. Our Partners rely on the open and honest dialogue, without the silencing of the existing problems/risks, as well as the maximally impartial assessment of the situations and one’s own capabilities.

If such approach is all right with you, then we shall be looking forward to receiving from you the information on the projects and the proposals on the modes of cooperation.
*Prior to the information presenting to our Partners, the Alliance will perform its express analysis and structuring in the format convenient and clear to our Clients. On the Projects of interest, the individual scenario and interaction algorithm will be proposed.

Undervalued assets in Russia At present, due to a number of reasons, as well as taking into account the national mentality peculiarities, there exists a large number of the undervalued assets which have a significant potential and may yield a high return on the invested capital.
As part of this area of work, the Alliance has created the relevant special offerings databases.
Besides, the Alliance possesses the unique technologies and methods of work in this segment.

We believe that we will be able to find interesting solutions and arrange the mutually benefitial cooperation. The existing specific features and peculiarities of work with the undervalued assets, as well as our models and ideas, are outlined below.

The work with the undervalued assets in the Russian market has a number of significant specific features. The greater part of the assets which cost or may cost much more than the existing value belongs, mainly, to the small and medium size business companies.

Among the main factors decreasing the objective value of business assets are the following:

  1. The major part of businesses does not have a legitimate and open business structure. It is often explained by the fear to get into the sphere of interests of the raiders and the unscrupulous competitors;
  2. There is a lack of the efficient business management systems;
  3. The quality control matters are given a marginal importance;
  4. There is a lack of the control systems, including that in the decision taking;
  5. The legal models do not provide for the protection against the risks;
  6. Lack of availability of funds;
  7. The confusion of the company Leaders and lack of understanding of the prospects for the growth, development and scaling mechanisms;
  8. Strategies, common targets and expectations have not been formed;
  9. Lack of the efficient cost management mechanisms;
  10. Inability and failure to conduct a dialogue and come to an agreement, with the creditors and competitors in the first instance.

We insist, proceeding from our own practical experience, that the situation may be radically changed within a short time.
Among our key competencies there are services designed to remove these specific disadvantages:

  • Corporate services for a certain period of time (interim management);
  • Outsourcing and interim asset management (putting in order and optimization) for the financial investors;
  • Assistance in the selection of the financial markets instruments connected with the funds borrowing;
  • Assistance in the setting of real, efficient and attainable goals.

We have created business models making it possible to:

  • Find the solutions where the assets Sellers’ expectations will to the fullest degree coincide with the Buyer’s proposal;
  • Prepare and use the interim decisions for the putting of the assets in order;
  • Prepare the investment offers in the format meeting the Investor’s demands and criteria.