Project and Statement: Window of Opportunities

We shall hardly make a blunder if we say that the business feelings of many of us are at present like this:

  • We have got lost in a "dark forest"; and we can neither see or hear anything, nor can find the paths and the way out of it;
  • We are moving along the same blazed trail and dare not to run a risk and take a sharp turn aside, so that to look for happiness and new goals;
  • Inflated, frustrated and disappointed expectations;
  • Absence of Growth;
  • Inability to understand the Future and one’s own prospects;
  • Loss of self-confidence and belief in one-s own abilities;
  • The feeling of uncertainty and defenselessness appears and holds hard (turning into the "little dwarfs");
  • and so on.

Idea The Alliance Team is a Team consisting of the incurable optimists.
We are sure that the onset of the Global financial crisis is imminent, and perhaps it will be the gravest crisis over the past few decades.
We believe that this will occur in the very near future and will become a real financial storm for which it is necessary to be ready.
It is necessary to be ready for it, irrespective of what you are engaged in: whether you play at the stock and financial markets, form and develop your own business, provide services or save for life or for a rainy day.

Meanwhile, the most important is the following: to our profound conviction, the forthcoming global financial crisis is an opportunity occurring once in a century.
It is a real Window of Opportunities.

We firmly believe and share the other enthusiasts’ opinion that the “Window of Opportunities” means the occurrence of a time-limited situation creating the conditions for:

  • Occupation of significant positions at the global and internal markets,
  • Technological breakthroughs,
  • Integration in the various value-added chains,
  • Major social and economic problems solution

Somebody has remarked that "all the great fortunes are made in the times of turmoil".
We do not believe that our time is the time of turmoil; however, we hold that the opportunities opening to us are quite unique. This is why, we propose that you, together with us, here and now:

  • Define the current global trends,
  • Determine the targets and values,
  • Start acting

The world is changing rapidly. New realities and new challenges arise. New Ideas and knowledge are required. Many successful people claim that in the rapidly changing world the following becomes the prime factors and skills:

  • Critical and project-oriented thinking;
  • Team work;
  • Leadership;
  • Lifelong education.
  • That is, these are the skills which make it possible to become a really Successful Entrepreneur..

The request for reforms is growing still more urgent, but so far has not been heard by all of us. In the first instance, this implies the requirement and demand for the structural reforms inside oneself and inside one’s companies.
More than ever, it is necessary to re-think and assign a new and priority status to such terms as the competition, new knowledge and technologies, and the legitimate and transparent business models.

It should be admitted that the inflated self-assessment and expectations, lack of the real targets and values, as well as inactivity, often become the primary reasons for which we lose self-efficacy. Today, it is especially important to realize and assess the major role of the Team made up of the entrepreneurs ready to take the risks and the managers able to scale your projects.

By our project and statement we call you for action:

  • Leave the comfort zone, before it turns into a quaking bog;
  • Do not let your own abilities be ruined and your self-efficacy be lost;
  • Get rid of your own inertia and make your business grow, because all that stops to progress ahead, stagnates;
  • Understand that the business efficiency is achieved today by means of the cost reduction and productivity gain, and that the main conditions for this are the competition, team work, leadership and technologies;
  • Protect and safeguard your own business, and meanwhile let and help the business and the Team get the mind right;
  • Look for the "crasy" and adventurous Ideas and the no less "crasy" people for whom there exist no limits and nothing is impossible.

And, perhaps, the most important:
If your business has reached a certain level and age (as a rule, 5 years), assign piloting of your vessel to an executive director.

We are sure that this will let you take an absolutely new look at your own business, see the new opportunities and feel the risks (it’s like getting up from the chessboard and stand behind the player: at once, everything will be seen much better).
You will then have time for yourself and for your family.
Your business and key personnel will be rid of your overconcern which always exists and, of course, exists for the very best of your reasons.

Let your personnel really get their mind right and begin taking their own decisions.
We are sure that they have the new fresh and audacious Ideas which have never come to your mind because of the everyday minutiae.
Besides, you yourself will not be bored and anxious, as you will always be staying nearby, but you will find the opportunity to expand your own horizons, see the new Ideas, and form the new plans and projects.

Here and now, we suggest that you take and announce for yourself and for your Team the set for the following targets and priorities formation (which, we are convinced, will become the main factors of your Success):

  • Openness and transparency;
  • Continuous progress ahead and set on the Growth;
  • Sincerety and honesty, goodwill and empathy, positive attitude and affability (by the way, it is not at all difficult);
  • Personal involvement, consistency and perseverance;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Personal enchantment which shall let you become interesting and predictable for the real Partners;
  • Objective and clear, for you yourselves, goals;
  • Search of the new enthusiastic, smart and interesting people who will make up the bulk of your business Team.

Mark Zuckerberg, in his speech for the Harvard graduates of 2017 called for the building of the World in which each person will have one’s own Goal.

  • Start working on the principle: the Dream –-> the Goal –-> the Action –-> the Result;
  • Jointly with the professional experts and analysts, to form your personal Goals which, perhaps, may be common with our Goals;
  • Find on our Platform those real Partners whom you need and who are looking for you;
  • Get answers to the unclear and problematic questions in the language to which you are accustomed;
  • Assistance in the overcoming of the "crisis in the minds";
  • Dialog aimed at the forming of Goals, values and strategies which shall help increase the efficiency and safety of your business;
  • Study of the inevitable technological trends and opportunities.

In June 2018 we shall open a blog in which topical issues related to various industries and the most significant events will be brought to your notice.

We appeal to you: Get involved and visit our Platform.

We are sure that you will not be bored and there are high chances that you will find on our Platform the new Partners, Users and Consumers of your products and services, as well as will be able to use our unique services, projects and practices.