Project: "Financial Literacy"

The "Energy of the Idea" Independent Partners Alliance announces the start of the "Financial Literacy" Project.

Our Project is intended, in the first instance, for the people with leadership attributes, entrepreneurial competencies and skills, who are ready to persistently and patiently formulate their targets and perform concrete actions for the results achievement.

The Project is fundamentally different from many existing programs the authors of which announce and insist that they are able to make the financial millionaires of you within a short period of time, without forcing you to make any serious mental and physical efforts.
Our Ideas and goals are based and built on a fairly meticulous self-cultivation work, as well as on your wish and readiness for the changes, via the formation of your own knowledge, particularly for the comprehension of the real role of money in the Success achievement. The program is formed of the experts’ practices, experience and opinions synergy, and is built on the striving to propose to compare your own views with our understanding of the role and value of the financial skills and Ideas.

  • The new look at the role and significance of the financial literacy in the Success achievement
  • The generalized opinion built on the Success stories and the stories of Overcoming the great financial failures and problems
  • Financial Ideas based on the diversity of the opinions of the Players from the various industrial sectors and lines, including those giving absolute preference to the financial markets and the people who are sure that money must be “made” by labor, but not by the money
  • Interaction based on the network principles and the possibility to test out the offered Ideas, as well as to assess in full the cooperation efficiency
  • The views and solutions meeting the modern realities and trends in the world of finance, economy and life
  • The opinions of the successful Russian and international investors and entrepreneurs, as well as our experts and Partners

We often hear people claiming: "Oh, if only I had money, then, of course, I would achieve everything or at least a lot".
The past 25 years of market realities in Russia have shown that many entrepreneurs and businesspersons had built their projects and kept them afloat largely thanks to the easy availability of the money.
In their turn, the investors and bankers did not "torment" their borrowers with claims, as they mitigated their own risks with the possibility of borrowing the cheap and long-term money at the international markets.

All this allowed for "taking it easy" and building up business without much motivation to get the necessary skills, implement advanced ideas, or study the biographies and experience of the accomplished and successful businesspersons and innovators. The entrepreneurs did not feel much need for stuffing their heads with the matters of their companies’ goals formulation, values, strategies, or structures.
Also, even two or three years ago such matters as the business legitimacy, its transparency, existence of competitive advantages, necessity to compare one’s own business models with the successful analogs of the competitors, foreign competitors in the first instance, etc., were not quite obvious.

The offered financial literacy project is not at all determined by the desire and aspiration to "show off" and attract the others’ attention.
Our targets are the following:

  • Initially, to help you to look, from the new viewpoint and new perspective, at the current events; assess your own business prospects or initiatives; as well as analyze your own Ideas with a critical eye;
  • To find among you the real Partners with whom we will be able to develop our already existing businesses and projects, or establish the new ones, laying their foundation in the spirit of modern trends and realities;
  • To become, together with you, the more successful people, building up competitive projects, and thus, to become freer and independent of the circumstances;
  • To take a fresh look at many situations and things, and reconsider their significance from the viewpoint of the search of the new opportunities and decisions.

  • What do we really know of the financial instruments, apart from the loans and deposits?
  • What is an Asset and why is it important to know this even for a quite accomplished businessperson?
  • What and which factors can influence the financial value of the Assets and increase their liquidity?
  • Which way is it necessary to establish the protection of our own funds, resources and abilities?
  • Choosing among the financial markets, banks, our own business or participation in other projects, how can we assess our forces correctly and set priorities to obtain the maximum advantages and reduce the risks?

In our opinion, the knowledge of the answers to these questions and other questions as well, is of more than significant importance for all.

This project will be closely correlated with the Alliance’s "Workshops for the private investors and sellers training" program, in which you will be able to make real steps and investments in the industrial sectors and Assets either of interest to you or recommended by us.

Next June already, we shall tell about the order of organization and work of such Workshops, offer you the opportunities and decisions for the participation in the specific financial, investment and business projects via "The First Step" Program, and other events to be announced in the nearest future.

We shall offer you the concepts of the main economic theories, which, in our opinion, are of paramount importance for the understanding of the economy and the opportunities to fit into it and to find our place in it. The offered theories will be published in random order.

  • Corporate and personal finance management
  • Understanding of economic situations, and business forecasts
  • Financial instruments and opportunities
  • Investments in securities, real estate, technological and infrastructural projects, as well as in the establishment of the own business
  • Investment nets and networking
  • Horizontal interaction
  • Granting access to the goods and services, and the shared use
  • Collective investor and crowdfunding
  • Investment cooperation
  • Network marketing and the importance of the targets and values formation
  • How to turn your work into your business
  • And other subjects.

We hope that this Project, as well as the uniqueness of the Ideas and decisions offered, will not allow you to stay indifferent and will become an impulse to start a dialog and cooperation with us.

Please send your Ideas, opinions, proposals, subjects for discussion, or any specific questions at   our e-mail address, marked "Financial literacy".