Private investors and financial services sellers training

The "Energy of Idea" Independent Partners Alliance announces the start of opening of the "Workshops for the private investors and sellers training".

The Private investors and financial services sellers training program involves the following targets and steps:

  • Transforming your job into your business
  • Programs for the beginning investors – "The First Step"
  • Professional advice, training, assistance and analytics
  • Investment cooperation
  • Interaction with the investors and financial services sellers

This project interacts and is combined with the "Financial Literacy" Program, within which you will be able to receive the necessary knowledge, clarifications and advice.
In furtherance of the Program implementation, Workshops for the private investors and sellers training are arranged on the basis of the Alliance companies, as well as with the participation of our Partners.
Like all the Ideas and projects proposed by the Alliance, this program is intended, in the first instance, for the people of initiative and poised for change.

Энергия Идеи Energy of Idea

It often happens that most of us look for and find one’s own “comfort zone”, and then stay there for long or forever, losing the new and real opportunities. This happens for various reasons, and most often because we ourselves set the invisible boundaries for us, to cross which we do not have the stomach and lack teeth.
We "comfort" ourselves, saying that we have, anyhow, reached a certain success already, while to make further progress money is required.
This is especially true for the entrepreneurs (founders) who, having established their small business, funnel all energies into it. In such event, the process of management of their projects is all- consuming and, as a rule, gives no way for the "looking beyond the horizont".

Many of us are lacking resolution of character to find the smart and ambitious people whom it would be possible to assign “piloting of the vessel”, so that we ourselves might not only take a fresh look at our own business, but also formulate the new targets for the onward progress; and move from the entrepreneurs category to the investors category; and understand and feel all the difference of that, and duly appreciate the new prospects (which are plenty), including the preferences and benefits granted by the State.

Of all this we shall be talking with you in these programs and in the Workshops, giving you opportunities to see, to understand and to want to move to the new step, having become a private investor and learned the art of the financial services and assets salesmanship.
Depending on where you are now, whether you:

  • Wish to understand and evaluate the prospects, or
  • Plan to make the first steps, or
  • Have already reached the certain success and results,
  • We shall offer you the format and model of interaction and cooperation.

  • At the start, we shall clarify your expectations and help to form the targets;
  • We shall help to assess the risks, after which:
    • To the beginners – we shall give a chance to make the real investment steps, having the quite insignificant resources, as well as propose the relevant investment sectors and lines;
    • To the already accomplished investors – we shall provide professional recommendations and access to a significant array of the unique information (risk assessment, analytical data, management programs and projects)
  • We shall propose various types and forms of investment:
    • Stock and financial markets,
    • Portfolio and venture capital investments,
    • Participation in the concrete business projects,
    • Commodities or real estate purchase (by means of the purchase of shares, options, square meters, etc.)

If you are a beginning investor or only planning to start in this, new for you, capacity, we recommend that you make use of our financial literacy programs, as well as receive the free professional advice and opinions at our Workshops.

In particular, at your service are the specialists of the "Academ-Finance" company (the Federal Financial Markets Service license dated 26.08.2010 No. 21-000-1-00756, to carry out activities on the investment funds, unit investment funds and non-governmental pension funds management,
Please contact us on the telephone number +7 (495) 504-77-99 or at the e-mail addresses or, marked "Financial literacy".

The experienced and advanced investors are recommended to make use of the comprehensive information and legal databases, as well as the detailed recommendations in the area of risk management (Business Analytics

The open Workshops shall help you to define the investment lines, find the investment and business Partners, and we shall also offer you interaction and participation in our projects.

Our initial recommendations:

Stock and Financial Markets

According to the statistics, over 90 percent of private investors lose their funds. One of the reasons for that is the lack of sufficient professional knowledge and of the ability to assess risks adequately.
However, in our opinion, the game based on the principle "Win – Lose", is fundamentally not quite fair.
Meanwhile, the stock and financial markets have the undoubted advantages as well:

  • No expenses are required for your asset keeping and insurance;
  • No "headache" about how to motivate the staff for achievements;
  • No need to think about competitors and technologies;
  • Neither raiders nor fiscal authorities will pay you a visit;
  • and so on

One more remark: if you are a gambler by nature, then these markets are for you.
In such a case, our recommendations are following:

  • Choose, without fail, a tutor (consultant, or advisor) for yourself. Here is an example: do you know many sportsmen, even the most outstanding, who do not have any coach?
  • Collect as much information as possible, preferably from different sources, for the analysis and a well-considered decision taking. This phrase sounds standard and commonplace; however, it is necessary.
  • Spread the risks. If you have the means that you wish to invest, distribute them among the stock market, commodities, foreign cash and real estate.

Venture Capital and Portfolio Investments

For this investor category, the venture capital investments are those that you make with a view to their exponential growth.
Next June we shall offer you the opportunities and decisions for the participation in the specific financial, investment and business projects via "The First Step" Program.

We are also ready, even now, to propose to you several projects in the industries (areas) of the Alliance’s primary interests. These are the projects aged 5 to 10 years, having the established business models, from the Growth projects category, as well as with the opportunities to obtain the status of the Industrial Champions.

If you are ready to try your hand in this art, or are already engaged in it, or wish to learn to earn money on your own, and not to depend on the mood of the chiefs and on the various situations, we offer you interaction with us.
Our cooperation is possible in a number of formats, the choice of which may be made by you yourselves:

  • Sales of the Alliance’s services, the basic list of which is available on our site
  • Sales of assets, products and goods belonging either to the Alliance or to our Partners, via your own facilities and communications
  • Independent information centers organization, or participation in the Alliance’s already opened information centers
  • Establishment or participation in the establishment of networks and communications for the Alliance’s services and assets sales and promotion
  • Participation in Project Teams work
  • Scaling of your business

To learn about the order of interaction, formalizing of our relations (civil contracts conclusion), individual savings accounts opening and other matters related to the cooperation with the Alliance, please call at our contact telephone numbers or send a message at our e-mail address, marked "Workshop for the private investors and sellers training".