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Investment Offer

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Think bigger

The Idea (investment offer) should contain the following answers and characteristics:

Essence of the Idea: creation of a product, service, or technology, and their characteristics
Potential consumers of the product
Target audience and the promising markets
Possible methods of sales
Advantages, as compared to the competitors’ products (novelty, uniqueness, distinctive features and/or the significant competitive advantages)
The key concept underlying the Idea
Technical and economic features of the product, which make it possible to perform their comparison with the relevant features of the competitors’ similar products
Market segment on which the product will be placed
Market capacity and the product target group of consumers (users)
Market behavior for the specific product
Rated profitability of the product to be sold (anticipated profit and the product market price to its target prime cost ratio)
The existing profitability in the relevant sector
The expected investment efficiency indices
Existence of a Team (Team Leader) having sufficient experience and knowledge of the technological features for the product development