The "Energy of the Leaders" Program

The "Energy of the Idea" Independent Partners Alliance announces the start of the "Energy of the Leaders" Program.

  • The real Partners and People with brilliant Ideas, for the implementation of which the joining of efforts and cooperation are required
  • Bold, brave, inspiring and challenging thoughts
  • Far-reaching Ideas and projects, the authors of which are the ambitious and self-confident people following the rule: "If you want to fly to the Moon, set the task to fly to the Sun"

We support the viewpoint of Sir Richard Branson who considers that before one starts promoting one’s own Idea, it is necessary to criticize it initially in the harshest possible way; and if only it (the Idea) withstands this criticism, one may start implementing it.

We are looking for the cooperation and offer it to those who are ready:

  • To persevere in the implementation of one’s own Idea
  • To think and to make practical steps, coming to know a lot of new things, and overcoming significant difficulties in doing so

Just for this reason, our project will be fundamentally different from many others. Our main rule is honesty.
This is why we do not give you any empty promises, but propose interaction and cooperation that shall make it possible to test your Idea to destruction and vitality. With this purpose, you need to answer, all by yourselves, the following questions recommended by us, and to form the investment offer.

This is a permanent Program, so the time of your Ideas (investment offers) is not limited by any specific dates. Along with that, we intend to perform the most intensive search of the Ideas and the Partners over the first year from the moment of the start of the Program. To everyone who will formulate and send us his/her Ideas (investment offer) we shall address a personal letter of intent, with the subsequent possibility of a contract development.

In January 2019, we shall sum up the results of the Program for the year, and the Author of the best investment offer, except for the investment contract itself, will be granted an option for the participation in the business of the Alliance in the amount of
3,000,000 Roubles.

If your Ideas are of a far-reaching character or relate to the main industries (areas) of our activities, the Alliance may take on the role of a business angel (providing the financial and expert support) of the Idea/Project or otherwise offer you a Partnership interaction format.

Our priority industries and potentialities:


   Professional Online services
   Web Real Estate
   Mobile Apps

   Online business projects
   Projects based on the "horizontal interaction" principles

Providing access to goods and services (sharing)