Program: "Energy of the GOOD"

The "Energy of the Idea" Independent Partners Alliance announces the start of the "Energy of the GOOD" Program.

The "Energy of the GOOD" Program is not commercially oriented, but even so, it is extremely important for us and is a connecting link of the "Red Miracle" Project for All. We are planning to hold regularly the socially important and friendly events within this Program..
The key goals of the Program are in line with our values and philosophy declared by us:

  • Positive attitude and affability;
  • Good deeds for one and all;
  • Diversity of cultures, opinions and views;
  • Desire to be in the Team.

Currently, we are looking to cooperate with artists and photographers with the view to hold an exposition entitled
"The World through the eyes of an Optimist".
We are looking forward to receiving the inspiring works of the masters from across the globe. The exposition does not have any conditions of participation and will be formed within the year 2019.

We do not set an objective to assess the works by a professional jury, as the main Idea is to create conditions for the formation of a Team of like-minded fellows. The “likes” gathered by your works will be automatically transformed into bonus points, and at the close of the exposition we, together with you, will decide for which purposes these resources should be used.

Please send your works to our mail address marked "Energy of the GOOD / The World through the eyes of an Optimist".