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What we offer:
FINANCE – INVESTMENTS. Project financing within our sectors of responsibility. Assistance in the undervalued assets, production, agricultural and infrastructural assets acquisition. Trust management. Outsourcing and interim asset management (putting in order and optimization) for the financial investors. Corporate transactions and services in the assets acquisition and monetization.

HEALTHCARE. Comprehensive programs of the healthcare system organization. Leading of the clinical trials. Healthcare institutions and programs management. Special programs development and management. Health management systems implementation.

NATURAL RESOURCES AND WOOD PROCESSING. Comprehensive development, optimization and production processes improvement plans. Equipment for the wood processing industry.

INDUSTRIAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND EQUIPMENT. Industrial equipment, construction and other machinery. Industrial enterprises and turnkey plants. Preowned enterprises relocation. Products for the construction sector.

CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE. Designing, construction and technical supervision of the construction projects. Residential and office buildings. Industrial enterprises. Territory planning.

TECHNOLOGIES TRANSFER. Selection, organization and support of transactions involving the technologies attraction and transfer on the terms mutually beneficial for the parties and on a long term basis. Legal protection of the know-how, intellectual and industrial property.

Advantages and benefits:
Cooperation based on the Alliance Partners’ key competencies.
Settling of the companies’ and businessmen’s difficult economic and corporate situations.
The "Energy of the Idea" Independent Partners Alliance is open for the new lines of cooperation able to bring in the new developments in the relations between the Clients, Partners and associated members of our Network and the international cooperation development in the areas of our activities.

Our Partners:

  • The well-known producers and investors, in the process of negotiations and signing of the contracts
  • The Russian medium-size business companies oriented at the internationalization of the enterprise.