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Most of the businessmen and companies do not possess any legal and legitimate business model and an adequate business philosophy, which significantly reduces the value of assets offered for sale.
Most often, the Sellers’ goals and expectations are unformed and lack the sufficient argumentation and logic.

What we offer:

  • Assistance in the setting of real, efficient and attainable goals
  • Managing the right expectations of the Sellers
  • Finding the solutions where the Sellers’ expectations will coincide with the Buyer’s proposal
  • Preparation and use of interim decisions for the putting of the assets in order
  • Finding various forms and models for the increase in the value of assets:
    • conversion
    • wholesale and sale by retail
    • interim trust management
    • financial instruments and options
    • lease or renting
    • multilevel solutions: partnership, franchising, business reshaping, etc.

Advantages and benefits:
We are working to turn the corporate opportunities, assets acquisition, mergers and restructuring into reality within our core competencies and expertise.