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The "Information Centers" Program

The "Energy of the Idea" Independent Partners Alliance performs the "Information Centers" program development and implementation.
The program provides for the establishment and opening in the year 2020 of an Information Centers network in the territory of the Russian Federation.
In particular, we are interested in, and preparing the first-priority opening of the Centers in the following cities:
St. Petersburg      St. Petersburg
Krasnodar             Krasnodar
Kazan                    Kazan
Perm                     Perm
Ekaterinburg        Yekaterinburg
Tyumen               Tyumen
Omsk                    Omsk
Novosibirsk        Novosibirsk

1. The Program objectives and targets

Opening of the Centers calls for the optimal conditions creation for the informing of the actual and potential Alliance Clients and Partners and their interaction.
The main targets are as follows:

  • Organization of the efficient and maximum comfortable communication lines for the Alliance Clients and Partners
  • Formation of a pool of Partnership agreements with the Service/Business and Official Partners: Service / Business и Official Partners
  • The Users / Consumers and Partners Informing and targeted search
  • Promotion of the Alliance’s services, ideas and projects>
  • Quality control of the solutions offered

2. Cooperation terms and criteria

The Centers formation is performed on the terms of cooperation and horizontal interaction with the companies and/or investors located in the above territories.
The main interaction criteria are as follows:

  • Understanding and acceptance of the Alliance’s values, rules and principles
  • Desire and readiness to maintain the mutually advantageous cooperation
  • Mutual and comprehensive support of the joint initiatives
  • The agreed-upon motivation rules

3. Opening of the Centers

The priority factors for the decision taking on the opening of the Centers are as follows:

  • The Partner’s having the understanding, primary knowledge and competencies necessary for the transfer of the Alliance’s Ideas, values and products
  • The optimal location from the accessibility and comfort perspective for the Open, clear and transparent relations designed for a long term period communication with the Clients and Partners
  • Possibility of the project Teams formation and/or the individual specialists invitation for the participation in the Alliance’s Projects

To confirm your readiness for a dialog on the establishment of an Information Center, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Inform of your key competencies, as well as confirm your capabilities and readiness for the dialog
  • Formulate the questions and proposals which you deem the most relevant and significant for the decision taking on the Center opening in your territory