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Recommended practices and expert examinations

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The number of disputes and lawsuits in the building sector goes off the scale. The conflict situations between the Project Owners ordering the construction and installation work and the Contractors arise regularly.
The control and auditing departments adjust the claims and exact significant amounts from the Contractors under the State and municipal contracts.

Construction and technical expertise The primary reasons of the conflicts and dispute arising are often a summary or an inadequate attention of the Contractors to the presentation of the results of the work performed and to the post-completion documentation and operating instructions filing. The Project Owners refuse to accept the execution of work because of the lack of documentation and the improper presentation of the results, as these get in the way of the organization of the correct and safe operation of the facility.

The requirements to the post-completion documentation in the construction, rebuilding and repair of the capital construction projects are more than important. All this requires the significant organizational resources and timing budgets, as well as the high professional qualification of the staff.

What we offer

  • Filing of the post-completion documentation by the professional experts with a vast experience of the successful practical cases in this area
  • Presentation of the results of the work performed in accordance with the statutory standards and rules
  • Quality assurance
  • Construction and technical expertise of the work performed, held as defined by the notary

Advantages and Benefits

  • Eligible methods and practices available for the post-completion documentation preparation and the presentation of the results of the work performed, in accordance with the statutory standards and rules
  • Significant economy of the Contractor’s force, time and funds at the moment of the completed projects transfer to the Project Owner
  • Obtaining of evidence and documentation of the results of the work performed which may be a potential matter of dispute
  • Prevention of the conflict situations in the relations between the Project Owner and the Contractor