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Services List


Financial Audit

The company’s financial accounts credibility is a decisive factor of the long term prospects of its business development and underlies its investment attractiveness.

What we offer
Auditing, either in conformity with the law or at the company’s own initiative, with the view to express the opinion on the fairness of financial statements.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Formation of the objective and independent opinion on the accounting system quality, which shall make it possible to avoid the systemic errors and minimize the risks
  • The successful practical experience of work and interaction with companies in virtually all the sectors of economy
  • We shall provide recommendations for the accounting systems and internal control improvement

Special types of auditing

What we offer

  • Audit of companies/businesses before the conclusion of an investment agreement or a shares/equity sale and purchase transaction at the investor’s request (Due Diligence)
  • Audit of the execution of the decisions of the company management
  • Legal support of the assets and businesses purchase and sale transactions
  • Forming an independent opinion on the fair value of assets
  • Audit of the internal and external control systems and the quality control system
  • Audit of the business structures and management

Advantages and benefits:

  • Investment protection and enhancement of the investment efficiency
  • Use of the possible exemptions and concessions
  • Business efficiency enhancement
  • Risks reduction and finding the additional opportunities for the business optimization

Inspection and Inventory auditing

What we offer:

  • Inventory taking and inspection of the actual presence of property, as well as the completeness of the accounting recognition of liabilities
  • Checking the safekeeping of the property and the efficiency of its utilization
  • Checking the legality, viability and credibility of transactions performed
  • Performance of the package of measures or otherwise individual inspection procedures related to some specific object of the company’s activity

Advantages and benefits:

  • Expenses on the external auditors fees are repaid by the amounts of the deficiencies revealed and made up
  • Internal control system audit shall provide for the enhancing the efficiency of its functioning
  • Possibility of the obtaining of the realistic evaluation of the acquired property condition

2.   TAXES

The taxation matters are practically always an issue:

  • How to select the most efficient taxation model and system?
  • How to form the tax base correctly?
  • How to perform the tax computation and payment correctly?
  • How to organize the tax accounting system in strict accordance with the requirements of tax legislation?

What we offer

  • Tax audit and analysis
  • Review of legal legitimacy of the company’s taxation models
  • Tax accounting system efficiency evaluation
  • Potential tax risks and liabilities identification and assessment

Advantages and benefits:

  • Selection of the optimum taxation systems
  • Use of all the possible exemptions and possibilities for the company’s tax optimization
  • Reduction of risks of the punitive sanctions application to the company, additional tax charge and administrative tax penalties

3.   LAW

What we offer

  • Corporate practice
    • The full range of the corporate business processes
    • Organisational arrangements
    • Business activities optimization
    • Litigation support and representation of the company’s interests in other government authorities
  • Tax practices
    • Tax risks monitoring
    • Tax audit support
    • Representation in court on the taxation matters
  • Real estate practices. Construction. Land
    • Examination of the appearance of property right and its legal legitimacy
    • Identification of legal risks related to the real estate objects or the property right, and recommendations for the reduction of such risks
    • Efficient defense of your rights in court
    • Legal reduction of the tax base (cadastral value)
  • Due diligence
    • A package of procedures and measures related to the due discretion and integrity to be exercised in the purchase or sale of assets
  • Support of foreign investments in Russia
    • Support and assistance at any investment stage, from the choice of the region to the moment of the investment contract conclusion

Advantages and benefits:

  • The successful practical experience in the corporate and tax law
  • A comprehensive in-depth risk analysis
  • The true and complete information for the decision on the investments or the real estate or land purchase
  • Understanding of our Clients’ business essence, structures and values
  • Reduction of the companies’ financial and operational risks and losses
  • Experience and knowledge of local markets, their key elements and main players, for the support of the Russian and foreign investments


Operations examination / appraisal

What we offer

  • Management systems analysis:
    • Strategy
    • Operations
    • Human resources
    • Purchasing
    • Sales
    • Quality
  • Business process analysis
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Production
    • Engineering and technical services
    • Finance and economy management
    • Quality management
  • Operating activities regulation analysis
  • Development potential analysis

Advantages and benefits:

  • Providing recommendations with due regard to the economic and social realities of the business sector, region and the specifics of the companies’ business
  • Finding the transparent business opportunities for the efficient and working business models organization
  • Legal models and management systems formation
  • Creation of a competitive company business structure
  • Operations and technological processes optimization
  • The successful practical experience of the company management systems optimization

Management expert evaluation (Management Due Diligence) / HR DD

What we offer

  • Human resources audit:
    • Evaluation of the real functional responsibilities of the high-ranking executives and medium-ranking managers
    • Evaluation of the customer-oriented approach
    • Managerial staff incentive systems analysis
  • Company’s organisational and management systems expert examination
  • Company’s efficiency and potential evaluation
  • Internal and external control systems efficiency evaluation
  • Risks assessment:
    • economic security
    • personnel security
    • information security

    Advantages and benefits:
    • Efficient management organization
    • Efficient reward and incentive systems adoption
    • Achievement of the maximum possible coincidence of interests of the company management and personnel
    • Successful practices in the forming and implementation of the corporate policies oriented at the strengthening of the company’s team spirit and culture

    Financial appraisal

    What we offer

    • Examination of the company’s financial operations and standing
    • Cost accounting and cost and revenue structure analysis
    • Fixed assets, financial investments and current assets analysis
    • Company’s assets and liabilities expert examination
    • Contracts and agreements analysis:
      • Contracts of delivery and sale and purchase contracts
      • Loan agreements and collateral agreements
      • Assets purchase and sale contracts

    Advantages and benefits:
    • Financial risks reduction
    • Introduction of the controlled and efficient business development procedures
    • Introduction of the efficient systems of the accounting, analysis and control of the company’s financial activities
    • Company’s costs optimization and achievement of economic and social rewards

    Expert support of the business and investment projects

    What we offer

    • Integral development of projects and business capabilities
    • Business and investment projects evaluation as to:
      • viability
      • feasibility
      • commercial efficiency
      • quality
      • safety
    • Forming a clear and attainable investment idea of the project
    • Investment offer preparation meeting the basic investment demands and criteria
    • Investment process organization

    Advantages and benefits:
    • Preparation of the efficient investment projects and offers having the advantages as compared with the competitors’ products:
      • novelty,
      • uniqueness,
      • distinctive features and the competitive strengths demonstration
    • Preparation of the projects, clear for the Investors and of potential interest to them


What we offer

  • Company’s property appraisal:
    • Real estate
    • Movable assets
    • Intangible assets
  • Assets valuation:
    • Business
    • Assets portfolio
    • Securities
  • Land and other resources appraisal

  • Advantages and benefits:

    • Determination of the fair estimated value of the property and assets having the logic, line of reasoning and underlying rationale clear to the owners and the consumers


Corporate Communications

What we offer

  • Industry and project expertise, as well as preparation on its basis of the efficient decisions for the formation of a solid and positive reputation of the company
  • Efficient internal and external communication strategies development
  • Building of relationship with the mass media, investors, government institutions and other paramount counterparties

Advantages and benefits:

  • Understanding of the contemporary business, social sphere and public life development trends
  • Creation of a positive image and favorable opinion of the company among its key partners
  • Defining the company’s clear goals, objectives and values for the formation of a single concept of development

Financial Сommunications

What we offer

  • Audit of the company’s reputation in the financial community
  • Communications with the expert community and investors
  • Strategies and financial communications system development
  • >Building of relationship with the business and financial mass media
  • Positioning in the global financial community

Advantages and benefits:

  • Support of transactions in the capital markets and assistance to the Clients in the building of the efficient systems of the investor relations
  • Formation of project teams meeting our Clients’ needs
  • Russian and international Partners for the complex tasks performance in the financial communications area