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We introduce promising ideas to successful people

Everything starts with an idea
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                   Everything starts with an idea.                      Every idea is possibility.  


Manifesto of the Alliance

There exist many "there are" in the life and business, such as:


Various associations, trade unions and partnerships, where people with various questions of concern get together. However, such associations, as a rule, are purpose-oriented, do not handle problems as a whole, and have limited capabilities;

People with ideas

People with bright ideas, who, however, do not, as a rule, have money; while even if they know what "to present the idea" to the investors means, it is "by hearsay" only;


Fine consultants with excellent vision of strategy and tactics, but who have never created and implemented any projects «with their own hands» in the real life;

Business Owners

People knowing what’s what in business, but however, from the range of financial instruments having an idea about the bank loans and deposits only;


MOST IMPORTANT: there are regulators and megaregulators, geopolitics, monetary and other policies, WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO PREDICT AND ESTIMATE which it is impossible to plan the business, and sometimes the life itself.

Public sites

Public sites and forums at which it is possible to discuss, but where, most often, the different levels of competence of the discussion participants get in the way;

People with money

People having plenty of money, but not doing anything serious and real except for usury;


Excellent manufacturers and sellers, many of whom do not have a clear idea of how to work under the sanctions, devaluation, uncontrolled cost escalation, etc.;


People knowing and able to do everything, but whose euphoria has overshadowed the thoughts of the security of what had been created by them – and often created by the back-breaking toil;

As the result, an endless «running round in circles» starts most often.
The above reasons, as well as many others, have made us think of the establishment of a single Platform which shall:

  • Provide the necessary conditions and be able to meet the challenges;,
  • Take into account and help to form the people’s expectations which will be practicable, efficient, attainable and secured;,
  • Unite the abilities, ideas and solutions in a single Network.

What are we
What do we do
Our Values
20+ years of practical experience

We are a multidisciplinary creative TEAM composed of the professionals in various lines of activities, targeted at the achievement of success, high economic results and the global development of the business of our Clients, the strategic partners of whom we would like to be in the long-term perspective.
We are a NETWORK formed of the personalities, partners, consultants, associated members, as well as of the companies from various areas and lines of business.
Our NETWORK expands the abilities of local companies in every sector and line of activities.
We are the NETWORK and PLATFORM for all who want to become free and independent of circumstances.

The "Energy of the Idea" Platform is:

  • A union on the basis of the formal and informal agreements
  • A discussion area
  • Cooperation based on the understanding of the parties’ interests ("Win-Win")
  • A platform where the Ideas and resources shall meet
  • An organization for the search of the opportunities and the implementation thereof
  • A pool of the people who care


  • Search and generation of ideas and projects
  • Building up of a civilized business
  • Development of the working business models
  • Business scaleup
  • Attraction of investments and debt financing
  • Business and assets protection
  • Assets purchase and sale at fair prices
  • Bona fide expert examinations
  • Search of opportunities and solutions


  • Situation modeling
  • Targets and expectations formation
  • Solutions preparation and implementation
  • Assistance, training and advice
  • Projects development and management

The Alliance Philosophy

  • Meeting the Partners’ expectations
  • Good deeds for the society
  • Satisfaction from the work and the results of the participation in the Alliance


  • Interesting
  • In a civilized way
  • At high quality standards


  • Positive attitude and affability
  • Readiness for the debate and tolerant attitude to the opponent’s opinion
  • Professionalism and desire to be on the team
  • Understanding and respect of human rights and freedoms

Our Partners are the People with ambitions, leadership skills and business acumen, as well as the Ideas and Energy to develop and protect their business and fulfil their potential.
These are the companies focused on their business success, protection and growth. These are the investors and sellers of various Assets.

Advantages and Benefits:
Having become the Alliance Partner, you will have the additional opportunities:

  • New and promising projects development and implementation
  • Attraction of investments
  • Participation in the Partner projects
  • Promotion of your ideas among the Alliance Partners
  • New experience and practices
  • Advice and expert opinion on various matters
  • Protection of your assets from the hostile acts
  • A circle of real Partners, ready to come to help in challenging situations
  • New personal contacts and opportunities
  • Participation in the discussions

What we offer:
To become an Alliance Partner and choose, at your discretion, the form of cooperation and interaction:

We are a TEAM of like-minded colleagues moving to the brighter future:

  • Maximalists with sound ambitions
  • Profs open to changes and innovations
  • Conservatives – when it comes to the best traditions and practices
  • Specialists understanding the Partners’ requirements and expectations
  • People with the will sufficient for the furtherance of their goal and the winning mindset

Such notions as:

  • "Team"
  • "Network"
  • "Market presence"
  • "Cooperation and Involvement"
  • "Experience"
  • "Thoroughness and Transparency"
  • and "Commitments"
  • are the key notions of our experience in the achievement of positive results and cost efficiency.

What we offer:

  • Bona fide expert examinations based on the experience and the successful practices
  • Multilevel quality assurance of all the solutions, advice and services offered to the Clients and Partners
  • All our solutions are oriented at the search and implementation of the new opportunities
  • We believe the quality, speed, creativity and innovations to be the formula of success

Advantages and Benefits:

  • We only speak of what we have done ourselves and in which we have had successful practices and expert examinations
  • We hold the conversation with you in plain language and understandable terms
  • We find and stimulate the differences in the origin, corporate cultures and viewpoints
  • We believe these differences to be the source of profit-making and the individuality in the business solutions proposed by us