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Carreer and Vacancies

The Independent Partners Alliance Team is proud of its specialists, each of whom contributes their personal experience and professionalism to the common cause. We are not limited to the work under our Clients’ Projects. Owing to the cooperation with the leading companies, we are getting the access to the best practices, and are expanding our competences in various sectors and lines of economy.

Vacancies opened Our experts have a wide range of knowledge and are able to solve the problems comprehensively: we go deep into the Clients’ business processes, being guided by their strategic targets; offer and assist in the implementation of the ideas that open to our Partners the new development opportunities; and we travel the path of transformation together with them. For each Project, we develop the non-standard strategies and employ a comprehensive approach to the solution of the tasks set.
We are always looking for, and recruiting into our Team, both the accomplished professionals and the young specialists, offering the opportunity to participate in the unique Projects, the transparent incentive system, and the real prospects for the professional development and career growth.


The Alliance’s Project Teams require specialists in the following lines and sectors:

  • Directors of the Information Centers,
  • Marketing and Sales,
  • Conflict Management,
  • Corporate Communications,
  • Financial Communications,
  • Assets Sale and Purchase Transactions Structuring and Preparation,
  • Project Managers/

General requirements to the candidates:

  • sociability,
  • analytical mind,
  • purposefulness and energy,
  • organizing skills,
  • technical knowledge and skills,
  • the psychology of a Leader,
  • for the specialists in the financial and corporate communications – fluent English.

Specialists’ Tasks

Directors of the Information Centers

  • Organization of the efficient and maximum comfortable communication lines for the Alliance Clients and Partners,
  • Formation of a pool of Partnership Agreements,
  • The Users/Consumers and Partners informing and targeted search,
  • Promotion of the Alliance’s services, ideas and projects,
  • Quality control of the solutions offered.

Specialists in Marketing and Sales

  • Value creation and management,
  • Markets survey and analysis,
  • Client relations,
  • Competitor analysis,
  • Search of new Partners and Clients,
  • Search of new interesting ideas and proposals.

Specialists in Conflict Management

  • Conflicts and the possible sources of their occurrence forecasting,
  • Conflict prevention measures,
  • Identification of conflict causes and targeted impact on them,
  • The community conflict potential reduction,
  • Reduction of the destructive consequences of conflicts,
  • Search of the constructive opportunities for the dialog and the acceptable solutions forming,
  • Convincing the parties to give up the use of questionable means and actions,
  • Reaching compromises and execution thereof,
  • Measures and actions aimed at the parties’ reputation keeping up and repair.

Specialists in Corporate Communications

  • Industry and project expertise,
  • Defining the client company’s clear goals, objectives and key values,
  • Efficient internal and external communication strategies development,
  • Building of relationship with the mass media, investors, government institutions and other paramount counterparties,
  • Creation of a positive image and favorable opinion of the company among the Client’s Partners,
  • Preparation of the efficient decisions for the formation of a solid and positive reputation of the Client company.

Specialists in Financial Communications

  • Audit of the Client company’s reputation in the financial community,
  • Communications with the expert community and investors,
  • Strategies and financial communications systems development for the Clients,
  • Building of the efficient systems of the Clients’ investor relations,
  • Support of the Clients’ transactions in the capital markets,
  • Client’s positioning in the global financial community.

Specialists in the Assets Sale and Purchase Transactions Structuring and Preparation

  • Assistance in the setting of the Client’s real, efficient and practicable goals,
  • Forming the Clients’ right and objective expectations,
  • Search of the solutions bringing together the expectations of the assets Sellers and Buyers,
  • Preparation and use of interim decisions for the assets putting in order,
  • Forming various models of the increase in the assets value,
  • Interim trust management of assets,
  • Transactions structuring and support.

Project Manager

  • Participation in the research development and conduct for the Client companies,
  • Information field analysis, and recommendations development with due regard to the Clients’ goals and objectives,
  • Writing of the informative documents on the Project,
  • Management of the Projects or otherwise of the certain individual lines of the Projects,
  • Planning and holding of special events for the opinion leaders, experts and mass media,
  • Projects administration, and work with the project and financial documentation,
  • Contractors interaction and coordination within the Projects framework.

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