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The "Official Partner" Program

The «Energy of the Idea» Independent Partners Alliance The "Energy of the Idea" Independent Partners Alliance offers you cooperation under the "Official Partner" program. The principal targets of cooperation in this format are as follows:

  • Mutual comprehensive support in the execution and implementation of joint initiatives
  • Expansion of the mutual contacts and search for the new Clients
  • Creation of the additional mutual possibilities for the growth of sales of the goods / work / services and finding new markets
  • Joint business projects execution and implementation
  • Formation for the joint ideas and projects implementation
  • Transfer of the knowledge, skills and the unique experience of the consultants and experts, in particular, in the areas of law, management and the financial and business processes, in implementing the joint projects
  • Assistance in the Official Partner’s and the Alliance’s brands development, reputation uphold and promotion
  • Mutual assistance and support in the new competitive and hi-tech products development

The cooperation with the Alliance under the "Official Partner" program is performed on the basis of an Agreement in which the Parties have equal opportunities and obligations.

To obtain the Official Partner status, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Inform of your key competencies, business projects, as well as goods, services and initiatives which you want to promote and implement jointly with the Alliance
  • Sign the mutual cooperation, services and assistance agreement