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What we offer:

  • The search, collection, expert examination, review and analysis of the companies’ investment projects and offers, with a view to their possible implementation jointly with the Investor
  • Investment offers and projects preparation and development in the format meeting the Investor’s demands and criteria
  • Investment offers and projects development and monitoring at all the stages of the investment cycle:
    • Investment idea,
    • Financial and legal analysis,
    • Discussion with the Investor,
    • Technological expertise,
    • Detailed development and preparation of the scenario and proposals on the investments and the project structures.

Advantages and benefits:

  • We carry out the bona fide expert examinations
  • We prepare the investment offers (projects) of potential interest for the Investor
  • We shall propose the format and model of interaction with the Investor:
    • Investments,
    • Partners in the joint production and project implementation,
    • The Buyer of the products, technologies, patents and businesses.