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Idea №2 from the Red Miracle

The Idea No. 2 from the Red Miracle will be relevant and useful for those who, having read the previous idea, began wondering about what, anyway, is happening now with the economies of the world, the country, the economic sector or the company, a business entity or a certain household. What is happening is as follows: all the investors are virtually "at the low start" and are waiting for the next "explosive" news that, quite possibly, may become "the last drop" and grow into panic capable of causing an avalanche of financial turmoil.

Calm in a crisis We have already said that something has been "broken" in the people’s minds. Even a nonexpert understands that a chain of the ongoing events – trade "wars", mutual sanctions and reproaches, absence of a dialog even between the bosom friends – is abnormal and will lead to the negative consequences. The Red Miracle does not practically have any doubts that the size of the forthcoming financial turmoil may be, as a minimum, comparable with the size of the crises of the years 1998 and 2008. This is indicated by all the main fundamental and technical parameters.

In recent years, the people’s emotions and sentiment all over the world have been near to euphoria, even in the countries and economies where, as it might seem, there have been no reason for that. Stocks were rallying, and the commodity and stock market indicators ran high. As the result, all this has led to the situation when not a simply large, but a huge financial bubble was formed, which cannot but burst. Besides, with the approach of autumn, many people begin to feel a tinge of sadness, pessimistic sentiment begins to prevail, and there is a great desire to halt.

The Idea No. 2 from the Red Miracle consists in the proposal and advice to slow down, but only to look around attentively and assess your own situation, understand how much risk you have taken lately, how many decisions you have taken and what their quality was. It should be noted that it is not just about business, but about your personal matters as well.
The Red Miracle recommends conducting an in-depth analysis and inventory taking of everything that is significant to you as of today. Do it with an unbiased eye, without euphoria or emotions, and extremely objectively. HONESTLY evaluate all the strengths and weaknesses of the situation in your affairs. The next step will simply be the necessity to put in order everything that may be fixed, even if this requires a lot of time. Act patiently and consistently. It is extremely important just now, this very moment. Generally speaking, patience will now be the key factor for everyone who agrees with the opinion, forecasts and expectations of the Red Miracle: the forthcoming financial crisis is a huge opportunity.

Let us sum up the above and recapitulate the first two Ideas:

  • We become “misers” in all the matters and questions, suspending the investments and financial injections in business;
  • We save on everything, optimizing processes and expenses at the same time;
  • We take a large-scale inventory, put things in order and fix errors.

In addition to your own resources optimization, the proposed steps shall make it possible to divert your attention from the continuous flow of news many of which, closer to autumn, will be far from rosy for the economy.
The most important goal now is not to lose and to protect everything that may be protected, so that, when a favorable situation comes, we had strength, resources and opportunities for a new start.