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In Anticipation of the Global Financial Crisis

We are starting our blog with one of the most complex and unpredictable themes: will there be the global financial crisis at all, and if yes, then how soon?! The Alliance’s Partners, experts and analysts, being the incorrigible optimists, are convinced: yes, it will be. Moreover, the probability of its (the crisis) coming this year is more than significant.

We shall not be repeating the opinions of the leading international and Russian analysts on the fundamental indicators, "Elliot waves" and other important factors that we, certainly, use and take into account making various necessary forecasts.
Our confidence is determined, in the first instance, by the following:

  1. The whole world is literally willing it, and is doing everything conceivable and inconceivable to speed it up;
  2. People, especially those who, as they say, are to do it “according to their position”, make the steps and statements very conducing to that; after which the ordinary people become absolutely confident in the inevitability of the crisis and start to contribute to it;
  3. With their irrationality and the absolute illogic of their actions, people in every possible way "attract" the financial turmoil;
  4. Fears and greed of most people, as well as the boredom of the "elite", form the "excellent" soil for the growth of an enormous scale crisis.

Any crisis is a new opportunity We believe that the start of the global financial storm will traditionally fall on the end of August – beginning of September this year. We do not at all give our forecast with the view to "show off" and be in the trend of the essential and intriguing topics.

Our goal is to form a society of the CARING people, together with whom we shall use these INCREDIBLE opportunities to be opened by the crisis. As we have already said, this will be a real "window of opportunities". Window of great opportunities.

In order to make use of it, we are forming the multifunctional project Teams, to participate in which we are inviting the Partners and specialists of various professions, views and thoughts. Just now, we are preparing various programs of which we will be talking almost daily, and we are establishing an Alliance of the people having the most "crazy" ideas, as well as of the practitioners possessing real expertise in various industries and sectors.