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Honesty as the Success Formula

In the near future we wish to share our opinion and offer several subjects for discussion, which, we believe, are the most topical and important. In particular, these are as follows:

  • What is, from our perspective, the Real expertise, and the attitude of the business community and the people to the experts and their opinion;
  • The Dream – the Target – the Action – the Result. This is the real road to the Success, as we see it;
  • How to find and inspire the investors, so that they supported your ideas;
  • Corporate thinking and corporate ethics – the role and the significance of these factors for Business;
  • In addition, many other subjects related to the investments, finance and business.

Honesty as the Success Formula Meanwhile, setting priorities, we have decided, to begin with, to detail our position concerning the role of Honesty in the achievement of the Success in business. Of course, the subject may seem hackneyed and trivial, but we offer it proceeding from the analysis of our own mistakes, failures and achievements. As this subject is too broad and significant, it will require several interrelated articles.

Speaking of Honesty, we will be matching the concrete words, actions and promises to the expectations of the People: implemented and realized, or otherwise frustrated.
So, what do we read into the notion of "Honesty"?

  1. Not to mistake the wish for the reality. More than often, we believe that it is quite permissible to "embellish" the situation a little, to promise more than our opportunities make it possible. Because, of course, we shall make every effort to fulfill our promises. We shall try our best. We will succeed.
    What actually happens is that the result is always the same: the frustrated expectations of your Partners (Consumers/Users/Clients). With all the consequences that come with it – no one wants to continue cooperation with us; our reputation is imperiled; and instead of recommending us, a concrete advice to all the acquaintances: "Do not deal with them!"

  2. Always and in every way be punctual and precise precise (first of all, in respect of the matters of the observance of time). As of today, being late for 1 minute is for us an extraordinary situation and requires a detailed analysis of the reasons. Can this be considered a trifle meaning nothing?! Our position is – no, it cannot. Either you are punctual and consistent in any aspects, or these minutes will very soon turn into hours, days and months. And the result will always be the same: anyone will hardly want to deal with you.

  3. Offer the people only that product in the quality of which you are confident and the quality of which has been confirmed not only by your own opinion, but also by the results of the relevant expert examinations. In this context, under the "expert examinations" we understand a set of the controlling and checking actions, making it possible to draw the certain and objective conclusions. Otherwise, the frustrated expectations, resentments and reproaches will follow.

  4. Neither exaggerate nor downgrade the role of the concrete events and factors in the result and the target set achievement. Very often, giving promises and undertakings to the Clients, we believe that we will be able to overcome any obstacles and will find the correct and timely decisions. Afterwards, most often, we are obliged to look for the words of justification, trying to explain why it did not work out or why we did not finish in time. However, for the Clients, in today’s reality, it will hardly be a valid argument. Besides, they will hardly want to continue the cooperation.

To be continued in the next article...