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Cooperation as a New Business Form

We offer and are planning to start a talk on the cooperation and communications, which have become pivotal factors in the contemporary world. First, we want to say about what these categories are for us, as well as to outline our understanding of these words and meanings.
For our Alliance, cooperation is more than just a definition. It is a kernel around which all our philosophy, lines and spheres of activities are built, as well as all the key decisions are taken.

Cooperation as a new form of Business We see and offer the cooperation as the joint action of all the interested parties in the Value creation and their participation, WITHOUT FAIL, in the results achieved. That is, the basic condition is the good for all and everyone, implemented according to the principle: "Win – Win".
We use the same principle in the matters related to the communications building. We consider that the basis of the goals achievement should be the maximum compact, comfortable and convenient communications that make it possible to listen to each other and hear each other, to provide the information in time and to exchange it, and to take, owing to this, the timely and correct decisions; and we want to have these communications at the business community’s disposal.

The majority of the most successful modern companies and platforms in the world, that have achieved the outstanding results, use the cooperation and communications as a foundation for their business building, and receive, as the result, the enormous competitive advantages.
Forms of cooperation may be the most diverse, while the main one is, as before, the ability of all the parties to participate in the creation of the new values, as well as to change their status, from the product Consumer to the participation in the product creation. The success of most of the great companies is based just on this.

We dwell in detail on this subject, as many people are still looking at such forms of interaction with apprehension, believing that to become "open" means to put one’s business at risk; that it is better to acquire one’s own asset, even though a small one, than to look for the new opportunities via the cooperation. Moreover, many of us have already "burnt our fingers", having taken part in various partnerships and projects. It is just for this reason that the separateness ("sovereignty") often becomes a sort of a guaranty for the development and saving of one’s own achievements.

We are firmly convinced that in the contemporary world the wish to survive and achieve a serious success single- handedly is becoming an impossible task. It is practically impossible to have enough time to understand and track all the new ideas and technologies in our rapidly changing world.
This is why we believe that the correctly selected, open and transparent forms of cooperation are the key factors on the road to the Success, while the use of the Partnership opportunities makes it possible to obtain the significant benefits and advantages.