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Honesty as the Success Formula, part 2

Continuing our talk about honesty as the Success formula, we consider the ability to admit one's own mistakes to be the most important point. As experts, we claim that 95 per cent of all the problems in business occur due only to this. It does not matter what we are doing, but, especially if we are doing something ourselves, putting a little bit of our heart and soul into it, we are deeply convinced that we are doing everything right. Proceeding from this, we are forming our own "truth".

Therefore, when our partners begin asking us questions and formulating claims, we, in most cases, react with hostility. Even if we feel that we have done something wrong, we refuse to admit it, just because "this" is not part of our "truth".

Honesty as the basis of Success Just the same way, as a rule, our Partner, Client or Counterparty behaves. They have also formed their own "truth", in which there is no place for admitting their mistakes. None of us strives nor is eager to really find out the root of the problem and to express the readiness for the talk or the search for a compromise. The subsequent scenarios are always the same: at the best, search of the "truth" within the "legal framework", and at the worst – far beyond this framework. Whatever is the scenario, it is always the loss of emotions, feeling insulted, lost profits and projects, expenses, and so on, up to infinity.

Most often, this leads to the loss of self-confidence, disappointment in the people, Partners, Clients… Almost in everything. Again, as experts, we often have to delve into various conflict situations, and over and over again it becomes clear that the problem is in the same – in the lack of the real honesty. The clients complain, saying, "See – we have built the facility, we have performed the work, provided the service, but we are not paid for that. Well, yes, we have not prepared some "papers" or have not formed the result as it is provided for in the contract. But in general, the work is performed. Let them either give us the money or the project built".
Alas, it is useless to explain that the lacking paper is the document required by the Law, the Contract or any other legal norms, or to explain that without this there may be no, for example, normal operation of the facility. People do not hear. They do not want to hear. They are convinced that this is just the faultfinding, and they are simply being offended or the counterparty wants to cheat, to insult, or to "rob" them. Then, the vicious circle continues.

Many of us have gone this way, having lost a lot, and sometimes all. However, a decision may be found here; and it exists: one should get back to the matter of one’s own honesty. Get back to the search of the real reasons and one’s own mistakes. Not for the sake of soul-searching, but out of desire to gain insight into the problem and to find the really correct solution.
It is just what shall become the new and the most correct method and form of business, which, undoubtedly, will bring positive results, though it will make you go through your own and not the most pleasant "treatment".