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Honesty as the Success Formula, part 3

Everywhere, at all times, there has been an understanding that the success and achievements in business are made by the people and not by the machines. One can hardly argue with that – especially in our digital age. They also say that the motivated staff will "move mountains", while it is quite meaningless to call the unmotivated people for anything. This is why the Motivation is always playing the role of one of the main engines. What can be a better incentive than an honest and fair remuneration of labor and the rewards for results achieved?!

Profit Allocation However, it is not always that even the well-prepared motivation systems work. The reason for that is honesty again. Or rather, its absence. As experts, we can give many examples of the situation when even in the large and very large companies, where, as it might seem, the intelligence level and motivation systems must be on the verge of perfection, everything in reality is quite different. The top management declares that equal opportunities are offered to everyone, and that the conditions are formed under which any staff member may grow, develop and earn good money.

However, afterwards a simple greed comes most often. Especially, when the operating results are not sufficient for everyone. Then the sheer hypocrisy begins. The top executives and the "elite" start to make adjustments, change the rules, and invent the additional conditions the fulfillment of which becomes obviously impossible. In doing this, the decision-makers are forming their own legend justifying their actions, as they feel awkward at the beginning. With time, they themselves begin to believe in the stories invented by them, and the shame passes. What is in the end?! People's grudges again. Especially those people’s who strive and do their job honestly. The staff members either leave the company or cease to work at the level of their capabilities, as they do not know how to protect their rights.

As for the small business companies, there, most often, the truth is hard to find at all. Very often, among the entrepreneurs honesty is in demand just as long as there is nothing to quarrel over. As soon as the results come, honesty "moves away". Each tries to prove that it was he/she who contributed to the results, that it is he/she due to whom all the major Successes have been achieved. Again, the same is repeated: feeling offended, disappointment, loss of emotions.

How to act in such cases, everyone decides for oneself and recommendations here are difficult to form. Yet, we offer to start with questions to ourselves. How honest are we ourselves in relations with our Partners?! As far as the situations when you are offended by the "big bosses" are concerned, we believe that the right thing is, most often, to make a difficult decision – to leave. To leave in order to remain honest with oneself.
This is always very complicated, because of the fear of the unknown and uncertainty. However, in our view, it is more important to save one’s own face and one’s own self. Such a step will, most likely, let you take a new look at the world and the situation, find and see the new opportunities and, finally, believe in yourself again. Otherwise, the soul will suffer, resentment will be accumulated, and all this will eventually lead to the "explosion".