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Ideas from the Red Miracle

The global financial crisis of which we started talking last spring, is just around the corner already and, in our opinion, is "knocking at the door". So that the coming "window of opportunities" may not be missed, the Red Miracle proposes to start a dialogue about what should be done to take advantage of the situation in full.

The first thing to begin with is to think of the present day and of our sentiments. The events are developing in such a way that the “elite” is actively planting a whole set of "ideas" in our life:

  1. Doing everything to make the absolute majority of us be engaged in the self-education less and less (less reading, less thinking, less analyzing);
  2. Our energy is switched over to the "hypes", "likes" and other "fun and frolic";
  3. Our attention is focused on anything possible, if only to avoid our "using our wits" all of a sudden;
  4. In all kinds of ways they are trying to make us believe that nothing depends on us, so we should take the circumstances for what they are.

Red Miracle When, day by day, torrents of negative information are poured into our heads, and the attention is focused on various difficulties and problems, it is quite natural that doubts and incertitude occur, which sometimes may develop into the inferiority complex.
Many people are aware of what it means. "Self-scrutiny" begins: search of one’s own mistakes and missed opportunities, unkept promises and quenched hopes, ill acts and evil deeds, and what is worse, the feeling of one’s own wrong and guilt for anything we do.

The purpose of all this is simple: the less we are educated, and the more we are aggressive (often feeling angry with oneself) and ignorant, without having any goals set before us, the easier it is to control us, to sell all sorts of rubbish to us, and to use us in somebody’s interests, making us give our skills and abilities for "peanuts".

Red Miracle proposes to tell all of them (the "elite") to get lost just now, and to say to ourselves: we are the best! Yes, of course, every day we are making mistakes, and we do not even notice many of them. Yes, we often fail to "tune in to the right wave-length" and to start acting to change for the better. We feel lonely and helpless.

It will not last anymore!
From today, the Red Miracle invites everyone to get involved in our Project and join our community. Together, we shall all get rid of complexes (of guilt, incertitude, or low self-esteem), and we shall start acting here and now, so that to use the opening opportunities to the fullest extent. And of course, we have a major self-improvement work ahead of us, so that to become, in record-breaking time, the sellers, the investors, and the enthusiastic and self-confident people.