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Idea №1 from the Red Miracle

So, the Idea No. 1 from the Red Miracle is the idea for everyone.
The Essence of the Idea is as follows: become "misers in grain" for the coming 6 or 8 months. What does it mean?

For entrepreneurs and businesspersons

Draw a stop line: do not invest funds in the new projects, however attractive they may seem.

If possible, put on hold the infusion of new funds in the already started projects.

Give the further scaling of the existing projects a serious thought, provided that this may not entail punitive sanctions from the partners.

It is desirable to stall those business programs that not only require new investments, but also divert funds from the working capital.

If there is a possibility to sell at a reasonable price (close to fair price) your assets that are not vitally important, the Red Miracle strongly recommends - sell just now, without thinking.

And, of course, it is necessary to quickly and radically (to the extent possible) reduce the transaction, management, marketing and other costs.

For investors

Stop and do not invest in the stock market.

Freeze your contributions in the investment funds.

Stop, for the time being, listening to the brokers and the investment advisors talking on the super-advantageous offers, unique products and the unexpectedly emerging opportunities of earning the above-market yield of investment.

Just remember or think over that, or better ask those specialists if they had done anything with their own hands and how much their own funds they had invested in the advertised offers.

Stop! In most cases, the purpose of such consultants is to sell the product marketed by their company or fund. The priorities for them are the interests of their employer and their own motivation, but by no means your profit. It is more than likely that they do not care at all if you may "suddenly" lose your money. The line of reasoning in such cases will be standard and "airtight": the "invisible" hand of the market has done its work, this is a force- majeure circumstance, and the market “sometimes” is exposed to the crises and disruption.

For ordinary people

Show your mettle. Even if you have earned some surplus or unexpected income, make a pause. Do not spend this money just now.

And what is for sure – do not take any loans which you want to spend on the purposes that may be postponed.

It is also desirable to retrieve the funds invested in the risk-associated assets, provided that the retrieval fee will be reasonable.

The Idea No. 1 is the result of the synergy of the sincere opinions of real experts, advisors, managers of the financial and investment funds and manufacturing companies, as well as of the multi-year analytical research and study. Plus, the meticulous work on the study of the sentiments and expectations of the people of different ages and professions.

The Red Miracle undertakes to assert that if you heed this Idea, at least, you will not lose, and the eventual losses will be kept to a minimum. As for the money you were going or wanted to spend nonetheless, you better convert it to the US Dollars and hoard it “under the pillow”, or stuff it, for the time being, in a mattress.