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Honesty as the Success Formula, part 3

Everywhere, at all times, there has been an understanding that the success and achievements in business are made by the people and not by the machines. One can hardly argue with that – especially in our digital age. They also say that the motivated staff will "move mountains", while it is quite meaningless to call the unmotivated people for anything. This is why the Motivation is always playing the role of one of the main engines. What can be a better incentive than an honest and fair remuneration of labor and the rewards for results achieved?!

Honesty as the Success Formula, part 2

Continuing our talk about honesty as the Success formula, we consider the ability to admit one's own mistakes to be the most important point. As experts, we claim that 95 per cent of all the problems in business occur due only to this. It does not matter what we are doing, but, especially if we are doing something ourselves, putting a little bit of our heart and soul into it, we are deeply convinced that we are doing everything right. Proceeding from this, we are forming our own "truth".

Honesty as the Success Formula

In the near future we wish to share our opinion and offer several subjects for discussion, which, we believe, are the most topical and important. In particular, these are as follows: What is, from our perspective, the Real expertise, and the attitude of the business community and the people to the experts and their opinion; The Dream – the Target – the Action – the Result. This is the real road to the Success, as we see it; How to find and inspire the investors, so that they supported your ideas; Corporate thinking and corporate ethics – the role and the significance of these factors for Business; In addition, many other subjects related to the investments, finance and business.