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Idea №3 from the Red Miracle

We believe that those who have taken heed of the previous ideas and have become "misers" (in a good sense) and zealous owners (who know what they have; know what they are in need for, and know what they can currently do without), will find this continuance of the forecast and recommendations from the Red Miracle interesting. So, we consider that the coming March and April will add a lot of nervousness to the markets, as well as will make the far from simple situation with the finance in the developing countries still more complicated. The economies of these countries and their small and medium size businesses especially, will have to withstand many additional challenges.

Idea №2 from the Red Miracle

The Idea No. 2 from the Red Miracle will be relevant and useful for those who, having read the previous idea, began wondering about what, anyway, is happening now with the economies of the world, the country, the economic sector or the company, a business entity or a certain household. What is happening is as follows: all the investors are virtually "at the low start" and are waiting for the next "explosive" news that, quite possibly, may become "the last drop" and grow into panic capable of causing an avalanche of financial turmoil.

Idea №1 from the Red Miracle

So, the Idea No. 1 from the Red Miracle is the idea for everyone. The Essence of the Idea is as follows: become "misers in grain" for the coming 6 or 8 months. What does it mean?

Ideas from the Red Miracle

The global financial crisis of which we started talking last spring, is just around the corner already and, in our opinion, is "knocking at the door". So that the coming "window of opportunities" may not be missed, the Red Miracle proposes to start a dialogue about what should be done to take advantage of the situation in full.

In Anticipation of the Global Financial Crisis

We are starting our blog with one of the most complex and unpredictable themes: will there be the global financial crisis at all, and if yes, then how soon?! The Alliance’s Partners, experts and analysts, being the incorrigible optimists, are convinced: yes, it will be. Moreover, the probability of its (the crisis) coming this year is more than significant.