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Ideas from the Red Miracle

The global financial crisis of which we started talking last spring, is just around the corner already and, in our opinion, is "knocking at the door". So that the coming "window of opportunities" may not be missed, the Red Miracle proposes to start a dialogue about what should be done to take advantage of the situation in full.

On the Role of a "Suppressive" Personality

For most of the people who are engaged in entrepreneurship and create various business projects, the understanding of the role and the meaning of the word "Team" is far not an empty sound. When you succeed in gathering the clever, responsible and interesting people around you, this is already “half the battle”. This said, all of us understand that the paramount and decisive factor of the Success will be the atmosphere created in the team, as well as the readiness and ability to interact and provide mutual assistance. Then, when it seems that all the main steps to the building of a Successful Team have been made, some inexplicable reasons arise hindering the development and performance.

Honesty as the Success Formula, part 3

Everywhere, at all times, there has been an understanding that the success and achievements in business are made by the people and not by the machines. One can hardly argue with that – especially in our digital age. They also say that the motivated staff will "move mountains", while it is quite meaningless to call the unmotivated people for anything. This is why the Motivation is always playing the role of one of the main engines. What can be a better incentive than an honest and fair remuneration of labor and the rewards for results achieved?!

Honesty as the Success Formula, part 2

Continuing our talk about honesty as the Success formula, we consider the ability to admit one's own mistakes to be the most important point. As experts, we claim that 95 per cent of all the problems in business occur due only to this. It does not matter what we are doing, but, especially if we are doing something ourselves, putting a little bit of our heart and soul into it, we are deeply convinced that we are doing everything right. Proceeding from this, we are forming our own "truth".

Cooperation as a New Business Form

We offer and are planning to start a talk on the cooperation and communications, which have become pivotal factors in the contemporary world. First, we want to say about what these categories are for us, as well as to outline our understanding of these words and meanings. For our Alliance, cooperation is more than just a definition. It is a kernel around which all our philosophy, lines and spheres of activities are built, as well as all the key decisions are taken.