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Honesty as the Success Formula

In the near future we wish to share our opinion and offer several subjects for discussion, which, we believe, are the most topical and important. In particular, these are as follows: What is, from our perspective, the Real expertise, and the attitude of the business community and the people to the experts and their opinion; The Dream – the Target – the Action – the Result. This is the real road to the Success, as we see it; How to find and inspire the investors, so that they supported your ideas; Corporate thinking and corporate ethics – the role and the significance of these factors for Business; In addition, many other subjects related to the investments, finance and business.

Business Expectations and Targets

For the last few years, in the business environment, words related to various expectations have been pronounced with increasing frequency. Most often, their tone is utterly negative: Absence of resources and investments, Economic prospects are totally incomprehensible, Taxes will be growing, Administrative pressure and regulatory limitations and restrictions are ever-growing, Self-efficacy is decreasing, Consumer activity and purchasing power are limited, and so on.

In Anticipation of the Global Financial Crisis

We are starting our blog with one of the most complex and unpredictable themes: will there be the global financial crisis at all, and if yes, then how soon?! The Alliance’s Partners, experts and analysts, being the incorrigible optimists, are convinced: yes, it will be. Moreover, the probability of its (the crisis) coming this year is more than significant.