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Idea №3 from the Red Miracle Bookmark

Idea №3 from the Red Miracle

We believe that those who have taken heed of the previous ideas and have become "misers" (in a good sense) and zealous owners (who know what they have; know what they are in need for, and know what they can currently do without), will find this continuance of the forecast and recommendations from the Red Miracle interesting.
So, we consider that the coming March and April will add a lot of nervousness to the markets, as well as will make the far from simple situation with the finance in the developing countries still more complicated. The economies of these countries and their small and medium size businesses especially, will have to withstand many additional challenges.

This said, we are sure that time has come just now to start the active steps in search of the so-called undervalued assets. By the undervalued and distressed assets, we mean the assets having the commercial value, but associated with some dispute, conflict, risk of loss, losses, or mismanagement.
There exist a number of reasons significantly reducing the real value of the asset (read about it at the end of this article). To search and find such assets would be a great piece of luck. This is dependent on a number of reasons, be it the information disclosure restrictions or the owners’ economic and even personal safety considerations. Not all the sellers are ready to post information about the sale of the assets belonging to them.

Currently, the distressed assets are not practically put up for sale in the open market, as:

  • There are no appropriate information resources and well-established civilized mechanisms of the transactions structuring;
  • Transactions in this market are, as a rule, of a confidential nature and mainly involve very large assets.

Besides, there exist a number of nuances holding down the assets offer and purchase:

  • In fact, a set of unresolved problems is acquired (be it an outstanding debt to the third parties, shareholders conflicts, objection to ownership title problems, or anything else);
  • Many matters do not lie on the surface and may become a problem after the transaction, if a serious analytical study is not carried out in order to detect them;
  • Not each investor on the market, even a professional one, possesses such expert and analytical capabilities.

At the same time, if one has the desire and perseverance, this may be done. In this case, such assets will prove a real Klondike.
We draw the attention of those who will be patiently looking for such assets, at the tasks that will require to be solved:

  1. The technology of the asset potential evaluation and the acquisition scenario;
  2. Mechanisms of the legal problems solution;
  3. The current and future value of the acquired assets assessment criteria;
  4. Assets management strategy;
  5. Assets value enhancement technologies;
  6. Investment horizons for the buyers and sellers;
  7. Exit mechanism.

The reasons for the sharp decline in the assets value may become the following:

  1. Financial reasons:
    • The asset is pledged, and its owner faces the loan servicing problems;
    • Assets urgently sold by the owner due to the owner’s complicated financial situation;
    • Assets burdened with various encumbrances;
    • Monetary debts or entitlement to them documented in various ways, difficult to collect due to the debtor’s refusal to pay;
    • Non-core assets inefficiently used by the owner.
  2. Legal reasons:
    • The title of ownership is contested by the creditors or other persons;
    • Assets of the enterprizes under the bankruptcy procedure or sold at auction;
    • Assets sold in connection with the corporate conflicts; in particular, because of the difference of the owners’ views of the business development;
  3. Banking reasons:
    • Assets passing into the banks’ ownership because of the borrowers’ default;
    • Assets taken by the banks as a pledge;
    • Charge over assets in the bank’s favor and “stimulation” of the decline in the borrowers’ credit standing in order to get the banks’ control of the client’s business.

The Red Miracle is ready to provide the necessary advice and practical assistance to those who will engage in the search of the undervalued assets.

Idea №2 from the Red Miracle Bookmark

Idea №2 from the Red Miracle

The Idea No. 2 from the Red Miracle will be relevant and useful for those who, having read the previous idea, began wondering about what, anyway, is happening now with the economies of the world, the country, the economic sector or the company, a business entity or a certain household. What is happening is as follows: all the investors are virtually "at the low start" and are waiting for the next "explosive" news that, quite possibly, may become "the last drop" and grow into panic capable of causing an avalanche of financial turmoil.

We have already said that something has been "broken" in the people’s minds. Even a nonexpert understands that a chain of the ongoing events – trade "wars", mutual sanctions and reproaches, absence of a dialog even between the bosom friends – is abnormal and will lead to the negative consequences. The Red Miracle does not practically have any doubts that the size of the forthcoming financial turmoil may be, as a minimum, comparable with the size of the crises of the years 1998 and 2008. This is indicated by all the main fundamental and technical parameters.

In recent years, the people’s emotions and sentiment all over the world have been near to euphoria, even in the countries and economies where, as it might seem, there have been no reason for that. Stocks were rallying, and the commodity and stock market indicators ran high. As the result, all this has led to the situation when not a simply large, but a huge financial bubble was formed, which cannot but burst. Besides, with the approach of autumn, many people begin to feel a tinge of sadness, pessimistic sentiment begins to prevail, and there is a great desire to halt.

The Idea No. 2 from the Red Miracle consists in the proposal and advice to slow down, but only to look around attentively and assess your own situation, understand how much risk you have taken lately, how many decisions you have taken and what their quality was. It should be noted that it is not just about business, but about your personal matters as well.
The Red Miracle recommends conducting an in-depth analysis and inventory taking of everything that is significant to you as of today. Do it with an unbiased eye, without euphoria or emotions, and extremely objectively. HONESTLY evaluate all the strengths and weaknesses of the situation in your affairs. The next step will simply be the necessity to put in order everything that may be fixed, even if this requires a lot of time. Act patiently and consistently. It is extremely important just now, this very moment. Generally speaking, patience will now be the key factor for everyone who agrees with the opinion, forecasts and expectations of the Red Miracle: the forthcoming financial crisis is a huge opportunity.

Let us sum up the above and recapitulate the first two Ideas:

  • We become “misers” in all the matters and questions, suspending the investments and financial injections in business;
  • We save on everything, optimizing processes and expenses at the same time;
  • We take a large-scale inventory, put things in order and fix errors.

In addition to your own resources optimization, the proposed steps shall make it possible to divert your attention from the continuous flow of news many of which, closer to autumn, will be far from rosy for the economy.
The most important goal now is not to lose and to protect everything that may be protected, so that, when a favorable situation comes, we had strength, resources and opportunities for a new start.

The Salesmanship training program, Lesson No. 2 Bookmark

The Salesmanship training program, Lesson No. 2

The imparting of the necessary value to one’s own knowledge and skills becomes the most important task for each person. Our abilities value and its size depend on a number of factors of which we shall talk in detail, discussing the nuances and particularities, and then offering the necessary solutions.

In the first instance, to form the value it is required that the wider public comes to know about us and our abilities. What is more, the recognition should (preferably) come at the moment when there isn’t any special necessity in it for us. Why is it important? We all know how difficult it may be to do or find anything when there arises a pressing necessity in it. At such moments, various hindrances and obstacles tend to appear without fail. It is applicable to any situation:

  • You have lost your job and it is necessary to find another place of employment urgently;
  • There is an immediate need of money, and for this reason you want to sell the car, the flat, some property item, or goods;
  • Certain funds have become available and you wish to acquire something.

Everyone of us knows that in such situations everything we want to buy proves to be very expensive, while all that is necessary to sell is depreciated. The specialists in our profession are not wanted in the market just in the time when we are in need. And so on. As the phrase goes, "as always at the worst possible moment". As the result, many of us are overcome with emotion and dismal mood. Far from always, the reason gives us a right clue, though we try hardest to find ways. We look for the information and refer to the specialized sites and platforms for help. Most of them are commercial ones, so the rules strictly regulate access to the information there and its exchange, as they may only receive money from the employers or sellers.

In their turn, the Employers/Consumers most often refer with the questions on the search of personnel / services / goods when there is already a need in them. And here again, the same "as always at the worst possible moment" law works. The employers need the employees; the applicants need a job; while the people and the companies that fit together often fail to "meet each other".

Thus, the significance of the timely information on the opportunities existing plays one of the key roles in the formation of your skills value. No wonder people say: "a spoon is dear when lunch time is near".

«The Red Miracle» Project is by definition the Project of the Good, and is primarily socially-oriented. The creation of the «Storeroom of Knowledge and Skills» was preceded by many years of analytical work. This resulted in the formation of an unalterable opinin on the necessity of a database in which the data about any of your skills will be stored. The information may be stored in the Storeroom for an indefinite time, and its retention period depends on you only. In its turn, the access to this information will be free for all the potential employers, Buyers and Consumers.

The Red Miracle offers everyone to place the information on your knowledge and skills in the Storeroom. Even if there is no urgent need for it now, it would be right to do it to be on the safe side, since, as we know, there are so many chances.

In our third lesson under the Salesmanship training program, we shall continue the talk about the formation of your knowledge and abilities value, and propose concrete solutions for the increase of the attractiveness of your capabilities specifically.

The Salesmanship training program, Lesson No. 1 Bookmark

The Salesmanship training program, Lesson No. 1

The Red Miracle begins the lessons under the Salesmanship training program.
To begin with, let us define what the word "Seller" means to us. In the minds of the absolute majority of the people, the Seller is associated with the retail sale in the markets and stores. For many people, the Seller is associated either with a dealer who benefits from the "pushing" of some goods, or with persons "of little mark" who toil much and hard at a negligible salary. In reality, everyone of us is a Seller, whether we realize it or not. Irrespective of sex and age, each individual, at a certain moment of time, begins to think about how to earn a living, where and in which direction to grow, to move, and what to do.

Actually, it is just at this moment that we begin to think about how to use our skills, knowledge and energy, so that to receive in return the money, amenities or any other rewards; so, actually, we become the Sellers of our abilities. This is just what the Red Miracle proposes to regard as the starting point. And here is why. We should understand that the Seller is not at all a dirty word. The Seller is part of the life of each of us. It is very important to realize and feel it deeply. At the moment when we wonder where to move, how to find a good job or set up our own business, let us imagine that we are the Sellers and ask ourselves several questions:

  1. What do we really know well and can do well?!
  2. Which knowledge, skills and abilities are we able to offer the people and the society, so that our skills might be accepted by the other people who will agree to pay a certain price for them?!
  3. Где, кому и каким образом мы можем продать наши способности?!

Summing it up, we come to the understanding: to have our skills and abilities be in demand, they must have the value which will be fair in relation to the market, and besides, the wider public should know about them.

It is not by chance that the Red Miracle is discussing the term and notion of the "Seller" in detail, because this is the starting point about which people do not, most often, think at all. In fact, it is extremely important. To be able to offer one’s knowledge and skills in the right way, properly and successfully, and to get an adequate price for them, one should make a number of steps and efforts.
Let us imagine quite an ordinary shop. What is necessary for the people to want to enter it and buy anything?! It is quite a number of circumstances: good and useful merchandise of adequate quality, as well as the relevant information of it and its features; convenient arrangement of goods; proficient offer, service, and so on, and so forth. The same situation is with our skills. In order to have them (knowledge and skills) be bought, many various conditions are to be fulfilled. And this becomes the crucial factor and the sticking point for many of us.

We are reasoning kind of like this:

  1. There are so many people with such knowledge (such profession) as mine, and I will not be able to break in;
  2. I do not know anything special to be noticed;
  3. To start one’s own business, one needs to have money for advertizing and the initial acquisitions, which I do not have;
  4. Special skills are required to offer one’s abilities and knowledge competently and efficiently.

All this is really complicated. Just for this reason, the Red Miracle offers to start together the study and discussion of the necessary conditions which shall let everyone to become an efficient and skilful Seller of his/her abilities.
Together with you, we shall discuss, step by step, the following actions and steps which shall let you become the successful Sellers:

  1. How to introduce yourself so that many people should hear about that and your fortunes should look up;
  2. How to raise the value of your abilities;
  3. What it is necessary to do so that it will be just your knowledge that will become the most useful and sought after;
  4. How to overcome constraints (either the real or the assumed ones);
  5. How to overcome one’s doubts and start moving onward.

We shall also review many other matters, so that to systematize your knowledge and skills, find use for them and make them competitive.

Idea №1 from the Red Miracle Bookmark

Idea №1 from the Red Miracle

So, the Idea No. 1 from the Red Miracle is the idea for everyone.
The Essence of the Idea is as follows: become "misers in grain" for the coming 6 or 8 months. What does it mean?

For entrepreneurs and businesspersons

Draw a stop line: do not invest funds in the new projects, however attractive they may seem.

If possible, put on hold the infusion of new funds in the already started projects.

Give the further scaling of the existing projects a serious thought, provided that this may not entail punitive sanctions from the partners.

It is desirable to stall those business programs that not only require new investments, but also divert funds from the working capital.

If there is a possibility to sell at a reasonable price (close to fair price) your assets that are not vitally important, the Red Miracle strongly recommends - sell just now, without thinking.

And, of course, it is necessary to quickly and radically (to the extent possible) reduce the transaction, management, marketing and other costs.

For investors

Stop and do not invest in the stock market.

Freeze your contributions in the investment funds.

Stop, for the time being, listening to the brokers and the investment advisors talking on the super-advantageous offers, unique products and the unexpectedly emerging opportunities of earning the above-market yield of investment.

Just remember or think over that, or better ask those specialists if they had done anything with their own hands and how much their own funds they had invested in the advertised offers.

In most cases, the purpose of such consultants is to sell the product marketed by their company or fund. The priorities for them are the interests of their employer and their own motivation, but by no means your profit. It is more than likely that they do not care at all if you may "suddenly" lose your money. The line of reasoning in such cases will be standard and "airtight": the "invisible" hand of the market has done its work, this is a force-majeure circumstance, and the market “sometimes” is exposed to the crises and disruption.

For ordinary people

Show your mettle. Even if you have earned some surplus or unexpected income, make a pause. Do not spend this money just now.

And what is for sure – do not take any loans which you want to spend on the purposes that may be postponed.

It is also desirable to retrieve the funds invested in the risk-associated assets, provided that the retrieval fee will be reasonable.

The Idea No. 1 is the result of the synergy of the sincere opinions of real experts, advisors, managers of the financial and investment funds and manufacturing companies, as well as of the multi-year analytical research and study. Plus, the meticulous work on the study of the sentiments and expectations of the people of different ages and professions.

The Red Miracle undertakes to assert that if you heed this Idea, at least, you will not lose, and the eventual losses will be kept to a minimum. As for the money you were going or wanted to spend nonetheless, you better convert it to the US Dollars and hoard it “under the pillow”, or stuff it, for the time being, in a mattress.

Ideas from the Red Miracle Bookmark

Ideas from the Red Miracle

The global financial crisis of which we started talking last spring, is just around the corner already and, in our opinion, is "knocking at the door". So that the coming "window of opportunities" may not be missed, the Red Miracle proposes to start a dialogue about what should be done to take advantage of the situation in full.

The first thing to begin with is to think of the present day and of our sentiments. The events are developing in such a way that the “elite” is actively planting a whole set of "ideas" in our life:

  1. Doing everything to make the absolute majority of us be engaged in the self-education less and less (less reading, less thinking, less analyzing);
  2. Our energy is switched over to the "hypes", "likes" and other "fun and frolic";
  3. Our attention is focused on anything possible, if only to avoid our "using our wits" all of a sudden;
  4. In all kinds of ways they are trying to make us believe that nothing depends on us, so we should take the circumstances for what they are.

When, day by day, torrents of negative information are poured into our heads, and the attention is focused on various difficulties and problems, it is quite natural that doubts and incertitude occur, which sometimes may develop into the inferiority complex.
Many people are aware of what it means. "Self-scrutiny" begins: search of one’s own mistakes and missed opportunities, unkept promises and quenched hopes, ill acts and evil deeds, and what is worse, the feeling of one’s own wrong and guilt for anything we do.

Рыжее чудо The purpose of all this is simple: the less we are educated, and the more we are aggressive (often feeling angry with oneself) and ignorant, without having any goals set before us, the easier it is to control us, to sell all sorts of rubbish to us, and to use us in somebody’s interests, making us give our skills and abilities for "peanuts".

Red Miracle proposes to tell all of them (the "elite") to get lost just now, and to say to ourselves: we are the best! Yes, of course, every day we are making mistakes, and we do not even notice many of them. Yes, we often fail to "tune in to the right wave-length" and to start acting to change for the better. We feel lonely and helpless.

It will not last anymore!
From today, the Red Miracle invites everyone to get involved in our Project and join our community. Together, we shall all get rid of complexes (of guilt, incertitude, or low self-esteem), and we shall start acting here and now, so that to use the opening opportunities to the fullest extent. And of course, we have a major self-improvement work ahead of us, so that to become, in record-breaking time, the sellers, the investors, and the enthusiastic and self-confident people.

On the Role of a "Suppressive" Personality Bookmark

On the Role of a

For most of the people who are engaged in entrepreneurship and create various business projects, the understanding of the role and the meaning of the word "Team" is far not an empty sound. When you succeed in gathering the clever, responsible and interesting people around you, this is already “half the battle”. This said, all of us understand that the paramount and decisive factor of the Success will be the atmosphere created in the team, as well as the readiness and ability to interact and provide mutual assistance. Then, when it seems that all the main steps to the building of a Successful Team have been made, some inexplicable reasons arise hindering the development and performance.

Today we offer to talk of the reason that is most often difficult to understand and detect. Sometimes a quite successful "team player" may become this reason. Most often, this is really one of the Leaders. Let us call such a person "a suppressive personality", as his/her soaring ambitions "backed", as a rule, by the aggressiveness and envy, lead to the extremely heavy consequences. It should be noted that gender does not matter at all here. This may be both a man and a woman.

To help understand our logic, let us consider one quite "domestic" case. So, let us say, a certain Margarita Pavlovna (hereinafter – M.P.) is a girlfriend of Maria Ivanovna, with whom they work together in a company. By her nature, M.P. is just the one who may be described as a suppressive personality; and surely, she holds a no small position in the team. One day, M.P. drops in on her friend and starts a heart-to-heart talk in the course of which she shares a secret information received "from her own sources", "You know, Marsha, I have just come to know that our chief is extremely displeased with you; and he is planning some disagreeable steps against you in the near future". Having said this, M.P. leaves.

While Maria Ivanovna, who had been an exemplary employee until today, having done her work well and in time and being a real example for many colleagues, begins to think hard and analyze the reasons of the chief’s dissatisfaction. She is looking for the answers, consulting her close friends and inquiring from the colleagues who, of course, cannot confirm anything. This continues long enough. Doubts and anxiety are eating on her; but Maria Ivanovna still lacks courage to go to the chief and ask him a direct question.

As the result, less and less time is given to work, more and more anxiety and negative emotions are accumulated; and the statistics, absolutely successful till then, begins to decline steadily. Finally, time comes when the chief invites Maria Ivanovna to his office and announces, "You know, Marsha, I am quite dissatisfied with you. I do not like your results. You make too many mistakes, and so on…". As practice shows, the end of such stories is far from always happy.

We have given this example with the following purpose: in our opinion, building a Team, inviting the real professionals to join it, it is very important to agree upon the Rules from the start. The main things in these Rules should be the openness, possibility and ability to conduct a dialog, desire and ability to talk about what interferes with the work and disturbs the peace of mind.
Obviously, a decisive factor for all the Team members, starting with the Team’s chief, shall also be the ability to listen to each other and HEAR each other. As for the company executive or owner, their primary task will be the ability to distinguish the real and sincere Leader able to rally the people around him / her from the hypocrite who will eventually break any business and any Team.

Honesty as the Success Formula, part 3 Bookmark

Honesty as the Success Formula, part 3

Everywhere, at all times, there has been an understanding that the success and achievements in business are made by the people and not by the machines. One can hardly argue with that – especially in our digital age. They also say that the motivated staff will "move mountains", while it is quite meaningless to call the unmotivated people for anything. This is why the Motivation is always playing the role of one of the main engines. What can be a better incentive than an honest and fair remuneration of labor and the rewards for results achieved?!

However, it is not always that even the well-prepared motivation systems work. The reason for that is honesty again. Or rather, its absence. As experts, we can give many examples of the situation when even in the large and very large companies, where, as it might seem, the intelligence level and motivation systems must be on the verge of perfection, everything in reality is quite different. The top management declares that equal opportunities are offered to everyone, and that the conditions are formed under which any staff member may grow, develop and earn good money.

However, afterwards a simple greed comes most often. Especially, when the operating results are not sufficient for everyone. Then the sheer hypocrisy begins. The top executives and the "elite" start to make adjustments, change the rules, and invent the additional conditions the fulfillment of which becomes obviously impossible. In doing this, the decision-makers are forming their own legend justifying their actions, as they feel awkward at the beginning. With time, they themselves begin to believe in the stories invented by them, and the shame passes. What is in the end?! People's grudges again. Especially those people’s who strive and do their job honestly. The staff members either leave the company or cease to work at the level of their capabilities, as they do not know how to protect their rights.

As for the small business companies, there, most often, the truth is hard to find at all. Very often, among the entrepreneurs honesty is in demand just as long as there is nothing to quarrel over. As soon as the results come, honesty "moves away". Each tries to prove that it was he/she who contributed to the results, that it is he/she due to whom all the major Successes have been achieved. Again, the same is repeated: feeling offended, disappointment, loss of emotions.

How to act in such cases, everyone decides for oneself and recommendations here are difficult to form. Yet, we offer to start with questions to ourselves. How honest are we ourselves in relations with our Partners?! As far as the situations when you are offended by the "big bosses" are concerned, we believe that the right thing is, most often, to make a difficult decision – to leave. To leave in order to remain honest with oneself.
This is always very complicated, because of the fear of the unknown and uncertainty. However, in our view, it is more important to save one’s own face and one’s own self. Such a step will, most likely, let you take a new look at the world and the situation, find and see the new opportunities and, finally, believe in yourself again. Otherwise, the soul will suffer, resentment will be accumulated, and all this will eventually lead to the "explosion".

Honesty as the Success Formula, part 2 Bookmark

Honesty as the Success Formula, part 2

Continuing our talk about honesty as the Success formula, we consider the ability to admit one's own mistakes to be the most important point. As experts, we claim that 95 per cent of all the problems in business occur due only to this. It does not matter what we are doing, but, especially if we are doing something ourselves, putting a little bit of our heart and soul into it, we are deeply convinced that we are doing everything right. Proceeding from this, we are forming our own "truth".

Therefore, when our partners begin asking us questions and formulating claims, we, in most cases, react with hostility. Even if we feel that we have done something wrong, we refuse to admit it, just because "this" is not part of our "truth".

Just the same way, as a rule, our Partner, Client or Counterparty behaves. They have also formed their own "truth", in which there is no place for admitting their mistakes. None of us strives nor is eager to really find out the root of the problem and to express the readiness for the talk or the search for a compromise. The subsequent scenarios are always the same: at the best, search of the "truth" within the "legal framework", and at the worst – far beyond this framework. Whatever is the scenario, it is always the loss of emotions, feeling insulted, lost profits and projects, expenses, and so on, up to infinity.

Most often, this leads to the loss of self-confidence, disappointment in the people, Partners, Clients… Almost in everything. Again, as experts, we often have to delve into various conflict situations, and over and over again it becomes clear that the problem is in the same – in the lack of the real honesty. The clients complain, saying, "See – we have built the facility, we have performed the work, provided the service, but we are not paid for that. Well, yes, we have not prepared some "papers" or have not formed the result as it is provided for in the contract. But in general, the work is performed. Let them either give us the money or the project built".
Alas, it is useless to explain that the lacking paper is the document required by the Law, the Contract or any other legal norms, or to explain that without this there may be no, for example, normal operation of the facility. People do not hear. They do not want to hear. They are convinced that this is just the faultfinding, and they are simply being offended or the counterparty wants to cheat, to insult, or to "rob" them. Then, the vicious circle continues.

Many of us have gone this way, having lost a lot, and sometimes all. However, a decision may be found here; and it exists: one should get back to the matter of one’s own honesty. Get back to the search of the real reasons and one’s own mistakes. Not for the sake of soul-searching, but out of desire to gain insight into the problem and to find the really correct solution.
It is just what shall become the new and the most correct method and form of business, which, undoubtedly, will bring positive results, though it will make you go through your own and not the most pleasant "treatment".

Cooperation as a New Business Form Bookmark

Cooperation as a New Business Form

We offer and are planning to start a talk on the cooperation and communications, which have become pivotal factors in the contemporary world. First, we want to say about what these categories are for us, as well as to outline our understanding of these words and meanings.
For our Alliance, cooperation is more than just a definition. It is a kernel around which all our philosophy, lines and spheres of activities are built, as well as all the key decisions are taken.

We see and offer the cooperation as the joint action of all the interested parties in the Value creation and their participation, WITHOUT FAIL, in the results achieved. That is, the basic condition is the good for all and everyone, implemented according to the principle: "Win – Win".
We use the same principle in the matters related to the communications building. We consider that the basis of the goals achievement should be the maximum compact, comfortable and convenient communications that make it possible to listen to each other and hear each other, to provide the information in time and to exchange it, and to take, owing to this, the timely and correct decisions; and we want to have these communications at the business community’s disposal.

The majority of the most successful modern companies and platforms in the world, that have achieved the outstanding results, use the cooperation and communications as a foundation for their business building, and receive, as the result, the enormous competitive advantages.
Forms of cooperation may be the most diverse, while the main one is, as before, the ability of all the parties to participate in the creation of the new values, as well as to change their status, from the product Consumer to the participation in the product creation. The success of most of the great companies is based just on this.

We dwell in detail on this subject, as many people are still looking at such forms of interaction with apprehension, believing that to become "open" means to put one’s business at risk; that it is better to acquire one’s own asset, even though a small one, than to look for the new opportunities via the cooperation. Moreover, many of us have already "burnt our fingers", having taken part in various partnerships and projects. It is just for this reason that the separateness ("sovereignty") often becomes a sort of a guaranty for the development and saving of one’s own achievements.

We are firmly convinced that in the contemporary world the wish to survive and achieve a serious success single-handedly is becoming an impossible task. It is practically impossible to have enough time to understand and track all the new ideas and technologies in our rapidly changing world.
This is why we believe that the correctly selected, open and transparent forms of cooperation are the key factors on the road to the Success, while the use of the Partnership opportunities makes it possible to obtain the significant benefits and advantages.