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The Salesmanship training program, Lesson No. 2

The imparting of the necessary value to one’s own knowledge and skills becomes the most important task for each person. Our abilities value and its size depend on a number of factors of which we shall talk in detail, discussing the nuances and particularities, and then offering the necessary solutions.

Important searches In the first instance, to form the value it is required that the wider public comes to know about us and our abilities. What is more, the recognition should (preferably) come at the moment when there isn’t any special necessity in it for us. Why is it important? We all know how difficult it may be to do or find anything when there arises a pressing necessity in it. At such moments, various hindrances and obstacles tend to appear without fail. It is applicable to any situation:

  • You have lost your job and it is necessary to find another place of employment urgently;
  • There is an immediate need of money, and for this reason you want to sell the car, the flat, some property item, or goods;
  • Certain funds have become available and you wish to acquire something.

Everyone of us knows that in such situations everything we want to buy proves to be very expensive, while all that is necessary to sell is depreciated. The specialists in our profession are not wanted in the market just in the time when we are in need. And so on. As the phrase goes, "as always at the worst possible moment". As the result, many of us are overcome with emotion and dismal mood. Far from always, the reason gives us a right clue, though we try hardest to find ways. We look for the information and refer to the specialized sites and platforms for help. Most of them are commercial ones, so the rules strictly regulate access to the information there and its exchange, as they may only receive money from the employers or sellers.

In their turn, the Employers/Consumers most often refer with the questions on the search of personnel / services / goods when there is already a need in them. And here again, the same "as always at the worst possible moment" law works. The employers need the employees; the applicants need a job; while the people and the companies that fit together often fail to "meet each other".

Thus, the significance of the timely information on the opportunities existing plays one of the key roles in the formation of your skills value. No wonder people say: "a spoon is dear when lunch time is near".

«The Red Miracle» Project is by definition the Project of the Good, and is primarily socially-oriented. The creation of the «Storeroom of Knowledge and Skills» was preceded by many years of analytical work. This resulted in the formation of an unalterable opinin on the necessity of a database in which the data about any of your skills will be stored. The information may be stored in the Storeroom for an indefinite time, and its retention period depends on you only. In its turn, the access to this information will be free for all the potential employers, Buyers and Consumers.

The Red Miracle offers everyone to place the information on your knowledge and skills in the Storeroom. Even if there is no urgent need for it now, it would be right to do it to be on the safe side, since, as we know, there are so many chances.

In our third lesson under the Salesmanship training program, we shall continue the talk about the formation of your knowledge and abilities value, and propose concrete solutions for the increase of the attractiveness of your capabilities specifically.