Competitive Selection for the Services Provision in the Corporate Project

The Independent Partners Alliance announces the start of the competition for the services provision in the framework of a corporate Project implementation. The territorial location of the Project is Moscow and Moscow Region.
Currently, the Project Team is being formed, to join which specialists in the following areas are invited.

  1. Mediation specialists;
  2. Lawyers and consultants, with the practical experience in the corporate dispute resolution (settlement);
  3. Specialists for the media services provision;
  4. Psychologist.

Applications for participation in the competition are accepted till 15 May, 2019. A free-form application shall contain an obligatory reference to the basic practices and key competences of the applicant.

The competition shall be held in two stages.
The 1st stage (till 10 March 2019) shall involve:

  1. Application receipt and processing. Detailing (if necessary) of the potential contractor’s capabilities;
  2. Signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement;
  3. Sending of the preliminary technical specifications;
  4. Receipt of the applicant’s initial commercial proposal.

The 2nd stage (till 18 April 2019) shall involve:

  1. Selection of the top contenders;
  2. Sending of the technical specifications;
  3. Receipt of the contender’s commercial proposal;
  4. Determination of the competition winners;
  5. Agreement negotiation and signing with the contractors (specialists).

In the determination of the competition winners, the Alliance Partners shall have the added advantage.

Please address your applications to our mail, marked "Competition".
Advice and details can be obtained by telephone at the number: +7 (495) 504 7799 (from Monday to Saturday inclusive, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.).