The Storeroom of Knowledge and Skills

The «Energy of the Idea» Independent Partners Alliance The Red Miracle, within the Salesmanship training program, announces the opening of the Storeroom of Knowledge and Skills. In the Storeroom, the information on your skills, knowledge and abilities will be kept.
The purpose of the Storeroom creation is to tell about what you like and are able to do, so that the Red Miracle may help you find the Buyer/Consumer who will want to purchase your abilities and use your services.

We shall be telling in detail of the essence of the program in the Blog, in the Red Miracle’s articles devoted to the Salesmanship training. Even now, the Alliance Partners’/Clients’ and Visitors’ geography is wide enough and is represented far beyond our country’s limits. Therefore, placing information on our platform, we jointly create new opportunities for the application of your skills and their value buildup.

To have the information of your knowledge, skills and abilities placed in the Red Miracle’s Storeroom, with the subsequent transfer of this information to the Alliance and platform Partners/Consumers/Visitors, you need to do the following:

  1. Compose a story about your abilities, not to exceed 1 page;
  2. Create in the Word a hyperlink for this page;
  3. Publish the link - on your site and/or at least on two social networks;
  4. Send to our mail address the story (hyperlink) about your abilities and the confirmation of the information (hyperlink) publication on the site and/or on the social networks.

The Red Miracle declares with confidence that such form of cooperation shall build up the value of your skills and allow to find the real Consumers and Buyers for them.

In the Storeroom, the information on any of your knowledge, skills and abilities will be placed. The only exception is that we do not accept anything which is in some or other way related to the violence and aggression.